Monday, June 17, 2019

Yes, 7 KPRC babies are coming in 2019!

Channel 2 is leading the way in getting new viewers...they are literally delivering them!

Overall, most of my readers love the Houston TV pregnancy posts, but I get a few complaints.

However, let it be pointed out that at this moment, seven KPRC 2 anchor and/or reporters are expecting new additions to their families.

That is kinda wild.

So the question is, when will I have to add to this list?

We had the great Houston TV baby boom a few years ago, but this one probably tops it. And of course, in addition to channel 2, we have babies on the way at other stations too!

Congrats to all!


JULY 25, 2019
Lauren Freeman has baby 5

- Cathy Hernandez is pregnant (UPDATE JULY 25, 2019)
- Sophia Beausoleil is pregnant
- Brittany Jeffers is pregnant
- Jacob Rascon is adding to his family
- Haley Hernandez is expecting
- Owen Conflenti announces second child
- Britta Merwin is pregnant
- Lauren Freeman is pregnant with 5th baby

- Chita Craft announces second pregnancy
- Lisa Hernandez shocks KHOU 11 crew with gender reveal
- Katherine Whaley is expecting
- Kaitlin Monte announced baby #2
- Lisa Vaughn is pregnant

- Britta Merwin has her baby during a tropical disturbance!
- Owen Conflenti adds a boy to the family
- Lisa Vaughn has her baby
- Katherine Whaley has her baby
- Lauren Freeman has baby 5
- Kaitlin Monte's baby is here
- Top Baby Names for 2018
- Erica Rico has baby girl
- Samica Knight has her second baby

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