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Monday, June 17, 2019

Yes, 7 KPRC babies are coming in 2019!

Channel 2 is leading the way in getting new viewers...they are literally delivering them!

Overall, most of my readers love the Houston TV pregnancy posts, but I get a few complaints.

However, let it be pointed out that at this moment, seven KPRC 2 anchor and/or reporters are expecting new additions to their families.

That is kinda wild.

So the question is, when will I have to add to this list?

We had the great Houston TV baby boom a few years ago, but this one probably tops it. And of course, in addition to channel 2, we have babies on the way at other stations too!

Congrats to all!

- Cathy Hernandez is pregnant
- Sophia Beausoleil is pregnant
- Brittany Jeffers is pregnant
- Jacob Rascon is adding to his family
- Haley Hernandez is expecting
- Owen Conflenti announces second child
- Britta Merwin is pregnant
- Lauren Freeman is pregnant with 5th baby

- Maria Salazar is pregnant
- Brhe Berry is pregnant
- Rachel Briers is expecting
- Shelley Childers annouces baby 2
- Chita Craft announces second pregnancy
- Lisa Hernandez shocks KHOU 11 crew with gender reveal
- Katherine Whaley is expecting
- Kaitlin Monte announced baby #2
- Lisa Vaughn is pregnant

- Cathy Hernandez has baby!
- Shelley Childers has baby #2
- Chita Craft has baby #2
- Brittany Jeffers has baby
- Jacob Rascon has a new baby son
- Lisa Hernandez has her baby!
- Haley Hernandez and Sophia Beausoleil have babies same day!
- Britta Merwin has her baby during a tropical disturbance!
- Owen Conflenti adds a boy to the family
- Lisa Vaughn has her baby
- Katherine Whaley has her baby
- Lauren Freeman has baby 5
- Kaitlin Monte's baby is here
- Top Baby Names for 2018
- Erica Rico has baby girl
- Samica Knight has her second baby

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