Thursday, March 21, 2019

Lauren Freeman is pregnant with 5th baby

UPDATE JULY 25, 2019
Lauren Freeman has baby 5

Now the number 1 question I have been asked about latley has been answered! Yes, Lauren Freeman is expecting

I'm back from jolly old London after spring break with news that many, many, many channel 2 viewers have been asking me about in the last months.

KPRC 2 anchor Lauren Freeman announced on Facecbook she is pregnant with her fifth child:

"We have exciting news to announce...our family is expanding again! 🍼👶 Baby boy number 5 will be here this summer. (No we weren’t trying for a girl!). My kids are excited and can’t wait to meet him!!!"

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Now Freeman is not the only other pregnant Houston TV talent. We have some channel 13 anchors and a FOX 26 anchor expecting too!

- Sophia Beausoleil is pregnant
- Brittany Jeffers is pregnant
- Jacob Rascon is adding to his family
- Haley Hernandez is expecting
- Owen Conflenti announces second child
- Britta Merwin is pregnant
- Lauren Freeman is pregnant with 5th baby

- Chita Craft announces second pregnancy
- Lisa Hernandez shocks KHOU 11 crew with gender reveal
- Katherine Whaley is expecting
- Kaitlin Monte announced baby #2
- Lisa Vaughn is pregnant

- Erica Rico has baby girl
- Samica Knight has her second baby

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