Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Samica Knight has her second baby

After some health troubles, abc13 KTRK morning anchor Samica Knight has had her baby!

“Baby Floyd” now joins Baby "Lee" who was born in 2016 (SEE Top Baby Names for 2018).

Here is what Knight first posted about the birth.

The delivery room was no match for my tears. I just couldn’t stop crying. I was overwhelmed by the beautiful blessing God gave me. I cried so much that one of the sweet nurses leaned down and said “those are happy tears right mom?”
Yes. I’m so happy Fam! He’s here! He’s here! Yes, it’s a boy. I have to be honest, I felt it was a boy from the very beginning and I secretly longed for another boy. I could never explain why. God gave me exactly what he wanted me to have and I’m so grateful.
Thank you for your prayers Fam❤️


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