Monday, May 06, 2019

Haley Hernandez is expecting

Now they are even talking about the whole "what's in the water" joke on KPRC newscasts. With all of the Meghan Markle and Prince Harry baby talk, KPRC 2 health reporter/fill-in anchor Haley Hernandez announced Monday morning that she is pregnant with her first child.

Haley Hernandez ties the knot!

"My husband and I are expecting ours in October," Hernandez posted on social media. "Lots of KPRC babies coming in 2019!!!"

No joke.

Hernandez said on air that viewers were asking if she was expecting, so she couldn't hide it anymore. Boy do I know that they notice. Many start asking me about their favorite anchor and if I know anything about potential baby news.

At first I thought consumer reporter/fill-in anchor Amy Davis was joking that anchor Owen Conflenti has a baby coming. He then said he was actually pregnant himself, but then they seemed to seriously say that Conflenti would be expecting a new arrival to his family in late September.

That means Hernandez and meteorologist Britta Merwin will both be gone in October on maternity leave. In early April, Merwin announced her third child was on the way.

And don't forget that KPRC anchor Lauren Freeman is pregnant with her 5th child.

To keep track of all the Houston TV pregnancies, I'm thinking about starting a separate website to track everything. Hey, if I'm nutty enough to sit here and blog about H-Town media, why not?

Hernandez joined channel 2 in 2014 from WCBD Charleston, South Carolina. Raised in Clear Lake attended the University of Oklahoma.

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