Thursday, April 04, 2019

Britta Merwin is pregnant

KPRC 2 morning meteorologist Britta Merwin announced on Facebook her pregnancy with baby number three!

"We are officially a party of 5," she posted.

In a clever photo collage with a nod to "Goldilocks and the Three Bears," Merwin shows her two sons are too large to fit in the baby crib. But baby #3 will fit just fine. According to her sign in the photo, baby #3 will arrive in fall of 2019.

Merwin can talk her pregnancy over with another expecting mom at KPRC...anchor Lauren Freeman. She can also talk the upcoming baby with other expecting moms at the other stations like abc13 KTRK morning anchor Samica Knight, KHOU 11 freelance meteorologist Lisa Vaughn, abc 13 KTRK morning traffic anchor Katherine Whaley and FOX 26 KRIV anchor Kaitlin Monte. KTRK abc13 weekend morning anchor Erica Simon just had her bundle of joy in February.

Merwin came to Houston and KPRC in 2014 after working at KCRA Sacramento, CA.

Back in 2011, TVSpy reported Merwin, who was seven months pregnant at the time, was leaving California and moving to Florida to be with her husband, who was training to be a Coast Guard pilot.

Before that Merwin worked at NBC Weather Plus, CNBC, KNSD San Diego and News 12 New Jersey.

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