Monday, September 23, 2019

Mike Glenn leaves Houston Chronicle for Washington Times

Mike Glenn and Mike McGuff

We are losing a Houston Chronicle reporter who was fully embraced by many TV news journos.

After covering the streets of Houston, and lately Katy, Mike Glenn bids the Bayou City an adieu as he moves to Washington, DC to cover the military for the Washington Times.

“My formative years were spent in the military - first as a Navy brat and later as a Soldier in the Army in both peace and war," Glenn told The chance to cover the military in Washington is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

Glenn enlisted in the Army upon his graduation from high school in Rockwall, TX.

According to his bio, Glenn spent about six years in the Army, both as an enlisted soldier and officer. During the Gulf War, he led a platoon of cavalry troopers in combat.

After his honorable discharge, Glenn attended UT Arlington receiving a BA in history and a commission as a lieutenant in the Army. The news biz came calling and Glenn attended grad school in journalism.

Glenn started as a reporter at the El Paso Times, moved on to be the Gannett San Antonio Bureau Chief covering the Air Force and them arrived at the Houston Chronicle in 2000.

"I moved here as a former Dallas resident and had the usual cliched opinions about Houston - it was a filthy, crime ridden sewer," Glenn told me. "After spending almost two decades here, I leave knowing it’s one of the most interesting and vital cities in the nation."

While at the Chronicle, Glenn regularly made my blog when he hit the stop of the social media charts.

Glenn was the first reporter I remember publicly writing about experiencing post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) while working as a journalist.

Saturday, September 21, 2019

abc13 photographer Damion Smith shares cancer fight

KTRK abc13 photographer, Damion Smith, who normally is on the other side of the camera, shares his story with H-E-B customers across Texas to help fight cancer.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Xavier Walton starting on KHOU Monday with a possible surprise

New KHOU 11 #HTownRush morning anchor Xavier Walton says he is starting this Monday, but may make a surprise appearance ahead of time

When I was looking around for information concerning Lisa Hernandez being absent from KHOU 11's airwaves, I stumbled on some info about her successor on the morning newscast #HTownRush.

In early August, KHOU told me Xavier Walton was joining the TEGNA station as morning anchor from sister-station WCNC Charlotte, North Carolina.

Well Walton is in the channel 11 building now, learning their systems and shooting promos, according to his Facebook page...he even tried Whataburger.

Unfortunately Imelda will prepare him for life as a journalist in Houston.

Walton commented that he's starting on the morning show next Monday, but may make a "surprise appearance on the show Friday."

"We are excited to have him on board," KHOU president and general manager, Robert Springer, told in early August.

Springer added that Walton wants to move to Houston, not only to anchor, but to make the city a better place to live through his community involvement.

KBMT Beaumont broadcasting from KHOU due to flooding

KBMT Beaumont broadcasting from KHOU due to flooding

KBMT Beaumont has evacuated its studios due to Imelda's flooding and is now broadcasting from a station that understands the need all too well.

The 12 News staff has re-located to Houston at the new studios of TEGNA sister station KHOU 11.

KBMT reports all of its employees are safe.

"KHOU11 is simulcasting for our sister station in Beaumont as its crews evacuate," tweeted channel 11 anhcor Brandi Smith. "It's a situation we are all too familiar with here. Our hearts are with our colleagues in Beaumont, as well as the residents there who are impacted by severe floodings."

Ron Trevino and Shern-Min Chow broadcasting on KBMT from KHOU (Thanks David)

If you were reading my blog in 2017, then you know that KHOU evacuated its former building thanks to Hurricane Harvey.

- KHOU 11 reveals what happened during Harvey evacuation
- KHOU 11 1945 Allen Parkway studios demolition photos

The new KHOU studios are high up in an office building located at 5718 Westheimer.

TEGNA has experience quickly re-locating a station while keeping it on the air using its other stations. WFAA 8 Dallas helped keep KHOU on the air while it was broadcasting from the Houston Public Media compound.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Britta Merwin has her baby during a tropical disturbance!

The universe has a funny sense of humor when KPRC 2 morning meteorologist Britta Merwin has her baby during a tropical storm/depression Imelda hitting Houston.

As I am writing this post, it's already starting to pick up here again! In fact, I am trying to post this quickly before we take a power hit. Lots of lighting and thunder right now.

"It's a GIRL!!! Of course I would have a baby during a tropical storm," wrote Merwin on Instagram. "We are thrilled to announce the birth of our 3rd child Lila Rose!"

Merwin let us know back in April that this makes baby three for her family and the first girl.

And since we have a baby boom over at KPRC, in case you missed it, morning anchor Owen Conflenti's baby was born this week too!

Basically my blog has become the KPRC 2019 baby boom blog I guess.

If my calculations are correct, any day you might see a post about reporter Sophia Beausoleil having her baby.

- Sophia Beausoleil is pregnant
- Brittany Jeffers is pregnant
- Jacob Rascon is adding to his family
- Haley Hernandez is expecting
- Cathy Hernandez baby gender reveal

Where is Lisa Hernandez?

Her social media accounts went cold in late August and apparently she hasn't been on KHOU 11 in weeks, so where is anchor Lisa Hernandez?

Monday, I started getting lots of questions from readers about the whereabouts of Hernandez. It was just all of a sudden. Channel 11 viewers collectively wondered where the longtime anchor disappeared to.

I also found out FTVLive posted about Hernandez so maybe more Houston TV viewers read the TV trades then I thought. They also might wonder why Scott Jones wears sunglasses.

One viewer told me Hernandez has been gone three weeks, another says four weeks.

Back in May of 2019, Hernandez announced she is pregnant with her second daughter. She said the baby is due in November.

Hernandez, and husband ESPN 97.5FM host Joel Blank, welcomed their first daughter to the world in 2015.

The station also announced in early August that Hernandez would be moving to weekends, but she has not appeared on those newscasts either.

I reached out to Hernandez, but did not hear back.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Owen Conflenti adds a boy to the family

The good news is that KPRC 2 morning anchor Owen Conflenti's wife had the baby, bad news is that today Tropical Storm Imelda formed in the Gulf of Mexico. I'll hand that last part over to the TV weather departments.

"Big congrats to KPRC2 Owen Conflenti and his family," posted KPRC medical reporter Haley Hernandez. "It's a BOY named Owen."

Britta Merwin has her baby during a tropical disturbance!

- Sophia Beausoleil is pregnant
- Brittany Jeffers is pregnant
- Jacob Rascon is adding to his family
- Haley Hernandez is expecting
- Britta Merwin is pregnant
- Cathy Hernandez baby gender reveal

abc13 anchors celebrating some big anniversaries

Happy 37 to abc13 KTRK anchors Tom Koch and Melanie Lawson who arrived on the same day at channel 13 back in 1982.

"ABC13-Melanie Lawson and I are celebrating another anniversary at #KTRKTV," Koch posted. "She’s been one of my best friends throughout all these years even though I have seniority on her because they called me in two hours early on our first day!"

"Actually, Tom always claims seniority because he was called into work two hours early – give me a break," Lawson joked. 😀😀 "But the truth is he has always been one of the kindest, most compassionate, and funniest guys I know. Love you, Tom!"

Also celebrating an anniversary is anchor Gina Gaston.

She's celebrating her 25th year of covering Houston.

Gaston started at KTRK in 1992 as a morning anchor with Tom Koch and later anchored at MSNBC New York in 1999.

She returned to channel 13 a few years later where she has been ever since.

Monday, September 16, 2019

KPRC 2 celebrates diversity during Hispanic Heritage Month

KPRC 2 is celebrating the diversity of both the Houston population and its employee community during Hispanic Heritage Month, starting September 15 through October 15, 2019.

As part of its on-air and digital campaign, KPRC 2 will spotlight some of Houston's most prolific Hispanic artists and muralists, including Gonzo247, Donkeeboy and Donkeemom, as well as the artist behind the city's iconic BESOMEONE mural. The campaign will also celebrate the diversity of our own KPRC family, both on-air and behind the scenes, hailing from Peru, Chile, Mexico and beyond.

Throughout the month, KPRC 2 News will share stories of Houston's Hispanic culture, honoring how so much of what makes our city great has been created by the Latino community.

"Hispanic Heritage Month is a perfect time to celebrate the people and culture that form one of the many facets that make this city shine," said KPRC 2 Vice President/General Manager Jerry Martin.

New profiles will be posted weekly along with stories every weekday on

"So many people, one voice, one Houston."

(This post was taken from a release sent to me by KPRC)

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Tom Brokaw on the best advice he received and other stories

Tom Brokaw gives a great interview to the The Television Academy Foundation Interviews about his career.

Go watch all of the clips cut from Brokaw's video here.