Thursday, February 14, 2019

Brian Rogers to depart from the Houston Chronicle

Houston Chronicle Legal Affairs Reporter Brian Rogers told me has has put in his two weeks notice to leave the newspaper and change careers.

"When I came to the Houston Chronicle in 2006 to cover courts, it was my dream job, and I loved it," Rogers told "But things change, and I’ve changed."

One thing that has changes is that Rogers recently got engaged. Now he thinks it's time to do a career pivot into law.

"It makes me sad to leave my friends and colleagues at the newspaper, but I’m excited to announce I am opening my own law practice focusing on, but not limited to, criminal law—specifically helping people navigate the criminal justice system, writing appeals and assisting other lawyers at trial," Rogers added.

The newspaper reporter earned his JD from Texas Tech University School of Law in 2005. Even though his courtroom time will change from an observer to a participant, he is not fully turning his back on the journalism world.

"I actually plan to still do a lot of writing, including fiction, nonfiction and maybe freelance journalism," Rogers told me. "I may even end up doing some writing for the Chronicle and other media. Even though I’m transitioning to a new role in criminal justice, I hope to maintain my solid relationships with old friends and colleagues. I’m not slamming the door on my long career in journalism, I’m just moving on to a new path."

Rogers' entrance into newspapers began in 2000 at The Odessa American.

He left in 2002 to go to law school. One he passed the bar, he was an open records attorney at the Texas Attorney General's Office for a year.

Then it was off to the Houston Chronicle where he developed a passion for face tattoos among many other accomplishments.

SportsMap 94.1 merges into ESPN 97.5 KFNC

As of Februrary 1st, Gow Media stopped leasing the 94.1 K231CN translator station and has moved all of the SportsMap 94.1 FM programming to ESPN 97.5 KFNC.

So that means Charlie Pallilo and the other 94.1 sports crew will now be heard on 97.5.

Rock 97.5 KIOL debuts in 2005

Gow Media radio GM Todd Farquharson tells the company wanted to centralize its sports radio offerings to just one station. Farquharson says they are working on a booster signal to give 97.5 wider coverage around the Houston listening area. He says that 94.1 was a short term lease.

This now leaves Houston with sports programming on ESPN 97.5, Sports Radio 610AM KILT, SportsTalk 790 KBME and CBS Sports Radio 650AM KIKK.

Don't worry...SportsMap the website is still in operation.

The 94.1 FM licensee has returned the station to a Spanish-language format. The station is now branded as 94.1 Radio Luz which airs Christian programming.

SportsMap 94.1 FM took to the airwaves on October 1, 2017. The new station moved the 1560 AM KGOW programming to the FM band. Around that time, the website also launched. This site was to compliment the recently Gow Media purchase of

InnovationMap launches from Gow Media

(Thanks Andy)

Ginger Zee and Ben Aaron's love story

It's Valentine's Day and who says we can't have a little romance around here? Heck, there's even romance in TV News land. Here is the love story of chief meteorologist at ABC News-Good Morning America's Ginger Zee and her husband Ben Aaron of Pickler & Ben.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Pooja Lodhia appears on "Jeopardy!"

abc13 KTRK reporter Pooja Lodhia makes a cameo on "Jeopardy!"

OK...this is becoming a trend.

First we had channel 13 anchors Melanie Lawson and Tom Koch ask a question on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. And soon we will have abc13 KTRK meteorologist Collin Myers appear as a contestant on the show.

And today, we had abc13 KTRK reporter Pooja Lodhia ask a question on the boss of all trivia shows Jeopardy!

Former Houston TV anchor opens up about depression battle

By Michael Quinn - guest post
former KNWS 51 anchor and abc13 KTRK web producer

It is the first time I have ever written a story that is so personal. This is the story of my secret battle with depression. We have read about famous people who were apparently battling depression--Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade. As I read those stories in the past and on the morning word of Anthony Bourdain's suicide broke, I never thought I would be so close to a similar situation had I not received the proper treatment.

In late October 2018, my mother Janeanne Marie Maisonville passed away. She was nun for the first three years of her adult life from 1958-1961 as Sister James Regina, then married for 50-years to my father Charles Edward Maisonville.

Yes, my father proposed to a nun.

Now, with both my parents gone, I kept on working and ignoring what was happening to me.

A return

It was a depression that had hit me three other times in my life--1993 when I came to Houston to anchor at KNWS-TV 51, 1998 while working at Florida's News Channel and 2004 when I was in Charlotte, North Carolina. There were no triggers--life was good, my financial situations were solid, some of the episodes were in the summer or winter and the only commonality linking each episode was me.

I know my father suffered from depression--I always figured it was his work in Alaska on the pipeline and the lack of sunlight. This was genetic. I knew it. Mine was about to hit me like a Category 5 hurricane. My weight would drop from 205 lbs. to 173 lbs. in a matter of weeks.

We live in Houston and know a great deal about hurricanes. We can board up, stock up and pray, but the hurricane will eventually make landfall. We cannot stop it. My Category 5 depression was going to make landfall--nothing was going to stop it, not medication or meditation. I have to educate doctors about my form of depression, "It's going to hit me no matter what. Please listen to me," I would tell them, "My father had this." Doctors sit and listen to a man in his 50s already suffering from a fear of falling asleep, a man who makes it a practice not to go to funerals because he is uncomfortable with finality (I never went to either of my parents funerals and my father never went to funerals either), a man who about to experience near fatal depression.

The storm

By mid-December my depression was hitting me. I live alone and we are depression's best friends--those who live alone. I knew that I did not have the ambition to answer my phone or send a text (I did send a few when necessary). And my small dog, Astro, would not leave my side, and many times when I woke up from a rest, would be standing on my chest not looking at me, but off in a distance--that stoic look dogs give when they are protecting someone.

Quinn with his dog Astro at a Houston area dog park (Astro has his own Facebook page ‘Astro The Adopted Dog’).  He credits Astro with helping him through his struggle with depression.

"God if this is how I am to end, please let me join you peacefully," I would say to myself as warm tears stretched down the side of my face, "I miss you mom, I miss you mom", is what I usually would say to myself with my Bible near me. I sleep next to my Bible. I was not hungry and did not care to eat--I had no hunger pains throughout my ordeal. This was a dangerous situation--a secret crisis unfolding in the privacy of my own place. The two worst things were about to unfold--I was accepting my potential outcome and my body was beginning to starve itself to death. Keep in mind, there were no hunger pains and I had no idea how serious the situation was--I live alone.

I began to think of my life and milestones, turning points and my relationship with God. I reached out to personal friends, as well as friends in the media who knew me well--I text them about my situation finally, thinking that if I did, everything would be okay. I reached out to those in my Bible Study group at Crosspoint Church in Bellaire. It's difficult to text anything during a Category 5 storm--they were few test messages, but important ones. I was certain this was where my life was to end. When you are in a situation like this, and you cannot find the ambition to get help because you feel it is that far out of control, you accept what is about to happen.

For someone who makes it a practice not to go to funerals, I knew KTRK-TV Vice President of News Wendy Granato and several other friends would oversee reading my eulogy--a few had the updated pass code to my cell phone so they can get into it and I knew ABC13's Katherine Whaley, as well as a few others media people in town, were to read scriptures from the Bible. I asked Katherine to read one of her choosing summing up our friendship.

During this time, there was one friend who was so relentless about seeing me, I really think she would have called the police and busted into my place, emergency medicine physician Joanne Oakes, MD. I texted Katherine that Joanne was going to see me, which put Wendy, Katherine and executive producer Gina Larson at ease. Katherine was so concerned on a call, I think she would have busted down the door, too. Longtime friends Melanie Johnson and Todd Duplantis continued to urge me to get professional help. They wanted to make sure I was getting help.

In the world of depression, everything could be great or crashing around you, but none of it matters--the only thing that matters is what is happening inside of you. My body, not my mind, wanted it over. My body and mind were in constant negotiation about what I was doing on any given day. My mind would want to eat, my body was not going to have any of it. I was in a compatible relationship with this disease. I was going to starve in my place and someone was going to find me after Christmas.

By January 2019, my situation was still a crisis, but in my world it was stable. I was going to lick this on my own--it was the worst mistake I could ever have made. When you are not eating properly or not eating at all, your mind, not just your body gets weak. I saw my electric toothbrush move on its own near my sink. I saw the mirror shift from side to side, but I was determined to get passed this. It was not the case.

"You are very brave", said one of the emergency medicine physicians who pointed out that most people don't seek help. All the victims of depression who do not seek help, famous people with resources and those are not well known and die alone.

Getting help

At the hospital, they were working around the clock to make sure I was going to eat. Eventually I gained back some of my appetite. The reality of that is no cell phone, no shoe laces or sharp objects and there was food in front of me three times a day and group sessions too. I now weigh 187 lbs.

I ask anyone who reads this story to please get help earlier than I did--please go to your doctor, an ER, tell someone about your situation. Do not keep it a secret. If you have a family member with depression, talk to them about it--make sure you know the warning signs and triggers. I hope my story will help you.


Quinn is a former Houston TV journalist who was worked as an anchor at KNWS 51 and as a web producer at abc13 KTRK.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Media Alliance of Houston 2019 Star Awards Gala winners

The Media Alliance of Houston held its 2019 Star Awards Gala last week at The Houstonian.

Before we get to the winners, Judy Lakin from Cox Media Group Houston was the Silver Star honoree of the night.

Congrats to all the winners who are bolded.

Digital Sales Professional (OOH, Print, Radio, & TV Exclusive)

Angela Wilson, iHeart Radio

Kevin Epps, Cox Media Group

Marilyn Acosta, KTRK

Digital Sales Professional (Digital Exclusive)

Christine Gensch, Goodway Group

Cynthia Velarde, Pandora

Stacy Hooper, Centro

 Digital Sales Manager (All Media)

Erin Hoffman, KPRC

Lindsay Aiello, KHOU

Tammy Guest, KTRK

Out of Home or Print Account Executive

Courtney Cook, Clear Channel Outdoor

Karen Hernandez-Lix, Outfront Media

Stevi Maytubby, Houstonia Magazine

Out of Home or Print Media Manager or VP

Chris O'Donnell, Outfront Media

Cindy Johnson, Houston Chronicle

Stevi Maytubby, Houstonia Magazine

Sports Team Professional

Jay Adelberg, Houston Dynamo/Houston Dash

Jay Miller, Sugar Land Skeeters

Lacey Berlau, Houston Texans

On-Air TV Personality

Julia Morales, AT&T Sportsnet

Mia Gradney, KHOU

Owen Conflenti, KPRC

Tom Koch, KTRK

Local TV Account Executive

Amparo Carrera, Houston Public Media

Celina Bautovich, KHOU

Glenda Carmon, KTRK

John Rizzuti, KPRC

TV Sales Manager or Director of Sales

Miles Cathey, KHOU

Millie Adan Garza, Houston Public Media

Shannon Murphy, KPRC

TV News Director

Dave Strickland, KPRC

Sally Ramirez, KHOU

Wendy Granato, KTRK

TV Market Manager or VP

Harvey Saxer, KIAH

Jerry Martin, KPRC

Tony Canales, Telemundo


Radio Producer or News Director

David Fehling, Houston Public Media

Kenny Webster, iHeart Radio

Kevin Quinn, Cumulus

Radio On-Air Personality

Michael Berry, iHeart Radio

Roula Christie, Cumulus

Sarah Pepper, Entercom

Local Radio Account Executive

Laura Filippone, Cox Media

Leslie Poroo, iHeart Radio

Vikki Caston, Entercom

Radio Sales Manager or Director of Sales

Bob Mackay, Entercom

Joe Cesaratto, iHeart Media

Judy Lakin, Cox Media

Radio Program Director or Operations Director

Elliot Wood, iHeart Radio

Johnny Chiang, Cox Media

Josh Adams, Houston Public Media

Radio Market Manager or VP

Alex Cadelago, Cumulus

Eddie Martiny, iHeart Radio

Lisa Shumate, Houston Public Media

Pamela McKay, Radio One

National Sales Manager

Gwen Anderson, KTRK

Kari Bivins, KHOU

Rod Windham, iHeart Radio

Marketing or Promotions Director

JC Perez, Telemundo

Lauren Graff, Outfront Media

Melissa Brezner, iHeart Radio

Local Media Sales Assistant or Traffic Assistant

Joann Perez, Entercom

Laura Reid, KHOU

Lupe Castro, Cox Media

Sofia Tucker, iHeart Radio

Local Community Affairs Director

Alexandria Williams, KHOU

Cynthia Cisneros, KTRK

Freddy Cruz, Cumulus

Lee Vela, Clear Channel Outdoor

Research Director  


Erik Langhans, KHOU

Hope Dubois, iHeart Radio

Mitzi Fleissner, Telemundo

Local Agency Support Staff

Ally Thonsgaard, Richards/Carlberg

Charity Cain, Love Advertising

Christie Ko, Brivic Media

Local Agency Account Service/Brand Management

Christy Saxer, Briggs and Caldwell

Kevin King, Love Advertising

Kristine Alardin, Freed Advertising

Local Agency Buyer

Athena Anzaldua, Briggs and Caldwell

Lisa Cragoe, Love Advertising

Sandra Williams, 9th Wonder

Thomas Goggins, Strike Marketing

Local Agency Planner

Ashlee Rohm, Richards/Carlberg

Erlyns Portillo, Love Advertising

Kristina Early, Briggs and Caldwell

Local Agency Digital Professional

Amanda Rossy, Richards/Carlberg

Kelley Robinson, Brivic Media

Sheryl Grigsby, Briggs and Caldwell

Local Agency Media Director or Associate Media Director

Alex Soto, Love Advertising

Marlena Majoie, MMI

Stephanie Weaver McKee, Richards/Carlberg

Agency Principal

Cindy Marion, MMI

Joe Pogge/Shari Okin/Thomas Goggins, Strike Marketing

Kellie Briggs, Briggs & Caldwell

Tina Boaz Murray, Mind Dance Marketing

Agency of the Year (Small) 

Briggs & Caldwell

Mind Dance Marketing

Strike Marketing 

You Squared Media

Agency of the Year (Large)

9th Wonder

Freed Advertising

Love Advertising

MMI Agency

MAH Rising Star

Angela Urrutia, Richards/Carlberg

Courtney Dupas, KHOU

Jordan Hess, KPRC

Kandis Lakin, Outfront Media

Market Rock Star

Celina Bautovich, KHOU

Judy Lakin, Cox Media

Karen Erwin, Outfront Media

Sandy Colwell, KTRK

Doug Harris aka Jr. Mintz elected Houston Film Critics Society president

Broadcast Veteran Celebrates 35 years of Jr. Mintz Movie Reviews

HOUSTON, TEXAS (February 6, 2019) — Broadcast marketing and promotions specialist Doug Harris has been elected president of Houston Film Critics Society (HFCS) to serve a two year term extending to 2021.

The announcement coincides with the 35th anniversary of his movie review features, scripted and voiced under the alias of Jr. Mintz.

His film critic “side hustle” took off after an invitation from 101 KLOL afternoon host Harvey Kojan (aka Dr. K) to review films for the heritage AOR’s audience. KLOL’s GM, Pat Fant (now of RFC Media) is credited with creating his signature sign off, “When a movie stinks, you’ll smell it first with Jr. Mintz.”

Since those days, Jr. Mintz reviews have aired on The Buzz (KTBZ-FM), The New 93Q (KKBQ-FM) and News 92 FM.

A seven year regular on the “Dean and Rog Show” in Houston (on The Arrow then The Eagle), Mintz enjoyed eight years in syndication with the Connecticut Radio Network and was heard daily on eight New England stations.

An inductee of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame and a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association, Harris/Mintz now shares his opinions on NASA’s digital radio station, Third Rock Radio.

About The Houston Film Critics Society

The thirty-seven members of the Houston Film Critics Society are working film journalists on television, radio, online and in traditional print. Together, they reach millions of people each week across the country with their critiques and commentaries on film and their active efforts to promote the appreciation of film in the Houston community.


Doug Harris to serve two-year term as president, Travis Leamons and Dr Donna Copeland to serve new roles

HOUSTON, TEXAS (February 6, 2019) — At the Houston Film Critics Society’s (HFCS) first meeting of 2019, the membership approved an uncontested slate of new officers who will immediately begin serving terms that will extend to early 2021.

Doug Harris was elected as the organization’s president and Travis Leamons as vice-president. Lisa Elin was reconfirmed as the group’s secretary while Dr. Donna Copeland will assume the duties of treasurer, previously handled by Travis Leamons.

HFCS member Mark Schumann has been appointed communications director for the organization.

After three consecutive terms, outgoing HFCS President Joshua Starnes will shift his focus to overseeing the group’s ongoing recognition of independent filmmakers and the annual presentation of the Texas Independent Film Awards. In tribute to his service, the HFCS presented him with a personalized director’s chair at their January meeting.

“This is going to be an incredible year for the HFCS,” Harris predicts. “We wrapped up 2018 with a spectacular, sold out awards show at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, began work on a revitalized website, and launched two new scholarship programs to recognize and support the next generation of filmmakers and journalists. Most importantly, our members collectively viewed over 10,000 films last year.”

Brief biographies of the new HFCS officers follow below:

Doug Harris (president) has reviewed movies in Houston for over 30 years as “Jr. Mintz”. His work first appeared in 1983 on Rock 101 KLOL, and subsequently on 94.5 The Buzz, The New 93Q, and News 92 FM. A regular for seven years on the “Dean and Rog Show” (93.7 The
Arrow, then 107.5 The Eagle), Mintz also enjoyed eight years in syndication with the Connecticut Radio Network and was heard daily on eight New England stations. A member of the Texas Radio Hall of Fame and Broadcast Film Critics Association, as well as a founding
member of the Houston Film Critics Society, he now shares his opinions on NASA’s digital radio station, Third Rock Radio.

Travis Leamons (vice-president) is a critic, cinephile, fitness enthusiast and avid collector of physical media (with more than 4,000 titles). He has written about film for more than a decade for outlets Inside Pulse, Examiner, BackstageOL, and Birth.Movies.Death. He also hosted over 100 episodes of the Houston Film Critics Society's weekly podcast “The Critics Circle”.

Lisa Elin (secretary) holds a degree in writing and is a certified coach specializing in cinema therapy and positive psychology. She’s been a member of the reviewing press since 2009 and weaves these concepts into her work, appearing in a variety of outlets including Reel Happiness, Examiner, We Got This Covered, and the HFCS podcast “The Critics Circle”. She also designs brain games for movie lovers.

Dr. Donna R. Copeland (treasurer) is a retired clinical psychologist who took a right turn in becoming a film critic seven years ago. Her reviews can be seen online at and on her blog at Dr. Donna’s Movie Reviews.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Hottest Houston social media stars January 2019

Share Rocket gives us data on how each Houston TV station and the corresponding air staff members performed on Facebook and Twitter.

Share Rocket is, "a social media ratings and audience solution providing media companies an easy way to quantify their social media equity, benchmark against peers and turn social market intelligence into insights that drive social success."

The numbers are pulled from station usage on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using Share Rocket's "Share" measurement.

First we are looking at every Houston media company in the Share Rocket database and top personalities. Then I am looking at the top 5 on air staff members at each station in order of channel number.

- Texas TV news and radio job moves January 2019

Houston Media
  1. abc13 KTRK
  2. KHOU 11
  3. FOX 26 KRIV
  4. Telemundo 47
  5. KPRC 2
  6. Houston Chronicle
  7. Univision 45
  8. Houston Press
  9. Houston's 39
  10. CultureMap Houston

Top 5 individuals
  1. Eduardo Rodríguez (Yusnaby Pérez) - 47 Telemundo
  2. Dominique Sachse - KPRC 2
  3. Isiah Carey - FOX 26
  4. Samica Knight - abc13 KTRK
  5. Mark Berman - FOX 26 KRIV

  1. Dominique Sachse
  2. Jennifer Reyna
  3. Adam Wexler
  4. Britta Merwin
  5. Justin Stapleton

  1. Melissa Correa
  2. Brandi Smith
  3. Chita Craft
  4. Tiffany Craig
  5. Daniel Gotera

abc 13 KTRK
  1. Samica Knight
  2. Erica Simon
  3. Steve Campion
  4. Chelsey Hernandez
  5. Katherine Whaley

  1. Isiah Carey
  2. Mark Berman
  3. Kaitlin Monte
  4. Ivory Hecker
  5. Randy Wallace

Univision 45 KXLN
  1. Karina Yapor
  2. Laura Sierra
  3. Marcela Perez Barros
  4. Marlene Guzman
  5. Deysy Rios

Telemundo 47 KTMD
  1. Eduardo Rodríguez (Yusnaby Pérez)
  2. Carlos A. Robles
  3. Ubaldo Martínez
  4. Antonio Hernández
  5. Ruby Guzmán

Houston Chronicle
  1. Jonathan Feigen
  2. Joseph Duarte
  3. John McClain
  4. Brian T. Smith
  5. Mike Glenn

DISCLAIMER: No Houston radio stations are listed in the Share Rocket database.

Friday, February 08, 2019

Mike McGuff to appear on Cox Media Group stations with Suzi Hanks

Tune into The New 93Q KKBQ, 97.1 Country Legends and The Eagle on 106.9 and 107.5 to hear Mike McGuff talking about his Alzheimer's story

Mike McGuff, Suzi Hanks, John Harris

Thanks for making my appearance on KPRC 2's Houston Newsmakers for the Alzheimer's Association one of the most read posts on my blog! That means a lot.

This Sunday morning at five, I'll be talking Alzheimer's disease across all of COX Media Group's Houston stations - The New 93Q KKBQ, 97.1 Country Legends and The Eagle on 106.9-107.5.

Director of Texas Federal Public Policy John Harris and I talk with Suzi Hanks of the Dean And Rog Morning Show on her public affairs show FYI.

I'll share my story of Alzheimer's concerning my mother's early diagnoses and my role as a young caregiver.

 To be honest with you, doing these interviews can be emotional for me, but I know that raising awareness is well worth it.

Last year, Alzhiemer Ambassadors like myself, along with the Association, got the Building Our Largest Dementia (BOLD) Infrastructure for Alzheimer’s Act signed into law by sharing our stories.

Collin Myers to be contestant on 'Millionaire'

abc13 KTRK meteorologist Collin Myers to be 'Who Wants To Be A Millionaire' contestant

Collin Myers and host Chris Harrison

A couple of weeks ago, I posted how abc13 KTRK anchors Tom Koch and Melanie Lawson made a cameo on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Little did I know that was just the beginning!

Now channel 13 meteorologist Collin Myers is playing the game as a contestant!

"I had a fantastic experience meeting and working with [host] Chris Harrison, and the game is far more difficult in person than you’d think from watching the show," Myers told "It’s also hard to think ‘out loud’ while answering a question-but you must, in order to fill the silence during the show. Overall, fun experience."

Myers will be playing for one million dollars to be donated to charity, Living Water International, during "Play It Forward Week" Friday and Monday, Feb 22 and 25.

"I chose Living Water International because they do excellent work for the underprivileged across the globe, and many don’t realize that they’re primarily based right here in Houston," Myers told me.

In Houston, Millionaire airs 1:30pm weekdays on channel 13.

Myers won't be the only TV staffer playing for charity. Five other local broadcasters from Who Wants To Be A Millionaire stations around the country will also play the game opposite Harrison during “Play It Forward Week.

Monday, February 18 – Steve Dunn
Steve Dunn, anchor at KATU-TV in Portland, OR will be playing for Meals on Wheels.

Tuesday, February 19 – Krystal Allen
Krystal Allen, co-anchor at KSNV-TV in Las Vegas, NV will be playing for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Wednesday, February 20 – Danny Romero and Pat McGonigle
Danny Romero, weathercaster at KABC-TV in Los Angeles, CA will be playing for East LA Rising. Pat McGonigle, anchor at WDAF-TV in Kansas City, MO will play for Love Fund for Children, and continues his gameplay on Thursday, February 21.

Thursday, February 21 – Pat McGonigle and Margot Kim
Margot Kim, co-anchor at KFSN-TV in Fresno, CA will be playing for Marjaree Mason Center, and continues her gameplay on Friday, February 22.

Friday, February 22 – Margot Kim and Collin Myers
Collin Myers, meteorologist at KTRK-TV in Houston, TX will be playing for Living Water International, and continues his game play on Monday, February 25.

This season, the game show will give away more than $100 million in total winnings since its syndicated debut.