Friday, May 16, 2014

Britta Merwin joins KPRC 2 as meteorologist

Britta Merwin joins KPRC 2 as weekend morning meteorologist after years away from KCRA Sacramento; Idolina Peralez exits

Britta Merwin to replace Anthony Yanez on KPRC 2

Britta Merwin
Britta Merwin

UPDATE 5/24/2014
*Britta Merwin started today on KPRC Local 2's Saturday morning newscast.

According to internal KPRC memos obtained by, weekend morning meteorologist Idolina Peralez is leaving the Houston NBC affiliate this weekend after a year on the green screen.

The memo says Peralez, who previously went by Idolina Walker at KIFI, is taking her career in a different direction.

So who is replacing Peralez?

The answer, found in another memo, is Britta Merwin who formerly worked at KCRA Sacramento, CA. TVSpy reported in 2011 that Merwin, who was seven months pregnant at the time, was leaving California and moving to Florida to be with her husband, who was training to be a Coast Guard pilot.

Looks like she decided to make her TV return in Houston! And we are a perfect place to work if you are married to a member of the Coast Guard.

Merwin could be a familiar face to KPRC viewers because she used to work at NBC Weather Plus and CNBC. Other stops in her local TV news career include KNSD San Diego and News 12 New Jersey.

According to various bios I could fine for Merwin over the years, she was born in San Antonio. She graduated from Stony Brook University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Atmospheric Sciences-Meteorology with Cum Laude honors. While at the university, she was also captain of the cheerleading squad.

Merwin might be the first TV talent I've written about to have her own entry in the online urban dictionary.

I contacted Peralez for comment, but did not hear back. As for Merwin, I couldn't find a way to contact her. She has no social media accounts that I could find under her TV name.

No word on when Merwin starts at KPRC, but in the meantime, you can watch video of her work over the years embedded below:

Britta Merwin to replace Anthony Yanez on KPRC 2

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