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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Dominique Sachse updates us on husband's terrible accident

Dominique Sachse and husband Nick Florescu have good news concerning his recent accident

This Father's Day, KPRC 2 anchor Dominique Sachse and her children are thankful her husband/their father, Nick Florescu, has recovered from a scary accident he had back in late March.

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"While cleaning out the pool with the kids, he tripped and face planted on the pool’s edge, cutting himself up pretty badly and breaking three fingers on his dominant hand, though not the middle one," Sachse posted months ago on Facebook.

In her recent YouTube video on Gift Giving Guide For Your Guy!, Sachse and Florescu give us the positive recovery update.

"Well I'm feeling great, I mean, I've been so fortunate that it wasn't worse and really the accident could have been horrible," Florescu said in the video. "I'm recovering and everything is going to be fine. And I think about the people who have much more serious things to worry about. All of my injuries are repairable, I probably have a little extra wrinkle to add to my age."

"Everybody says he looks like [actor] Dermot Mulroney and I think its just added to it, so its all good," Sachse added.

Immediately after the accident, Sachse published a video talking about Life’s Hiccups & How To Deal which I embedded below.

The couple just celebrated their seventh wedding anniversary.

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