Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Top Houston media stories 2016

Top mikemcguff blog posts for 2016 by your clicks

Happy New Year! Here are the top Houston media stories of 2016 by page views on mikemcguff.com. So that means you decided this list by clicking on these posts the most throughout the year.

This year, a Houston radio post got the most views from you.

1. Where is PK on the Hot 95.7 morning show?
Jan 6, 2016
- Hot 95.7 becomes The Spot
- PK joins Power 96.1 Atlanta

2. Deborah Wrigley exits KTRK abc13
Jun 3, 2016
UPDATE: Deborah Wrigley returns to KTRK abc13

3. KHOU 11 makes major anchor changes
Jun 22, 2016

4. Ryan Chase of 104.1 KRBE diagnosed with prostate cancer
Nov 2, 2016

5. KPRC 2 reporters Reyna and J√°quez caught in the act
MARCH 04, 2010

6. Q Morning Zoo's Erica Rico and Tim Tuttle secretly married for years
OCTOBER 11, 2016

7. Ruben Galvan announced departure from KPRC 2
MARCH 01, 2016

8. Mario Gomez & others to leave KHOU 11
APRIL 21, 2016

9. Don Teague suddenly exits FOX 26 KRIV
FEBRUARY 18, 2016

10. Casey Curry takes a fall on KTRK abc13's 11am newscast
Sep 15, 2015

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  1. Really? A 6 year old story with not even 10 comments is #5 in most viewed pages in 2016? I question the reporting methodology -- I suspect you had several other stories that were viewed far more.

    1. I go to Google Analytics, select the whole year, then post the results here. Comments are no judge of how popular a post is.

  2. Maybe it saw a spike in hits from Atlanta, after Nef lost her job in Philly with her poor reporting (including, I believe, naming a murdered cop before his family was notified) and then landed a gig in Atlanta. People like to know background of their new reporters if available, I guess.


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