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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Q Morning Zoo's Erica Rico and Tim Tuttle secretly married for years

Almost three years ago The New 93Q Morning Zoo's Tim Tuttle and Erica Rico tied the knot, but never talked about it on air

 photo qmorningzoo_zpsnjdf4qjk.jpg
Tim Tuttle, Erica Rico and Kevin Kline of the 93Q Morning Zoo. 
We know The New 93Q KKBQ wins tons of awards, but who knew two of its morning show hosts have been secretly married for years!

The Q Morning Zoo's Tim Tuttle and Erica Rico tied the knot almost three years, but chose to keep that off air...until last week.

"We kept it a secret, because when I got divorced like six years ago, people were sending messages to my kids saying that divorce is an abomination and ugly stuff," Rico revealed on Facebook Live.

Ok, some of the listeners had apparently figured it out, but last Wednesday, the couple went public on their morning show ahead of their big wedding celebration this past weekend. And it was a big affair. Held in Chappell Hill, TX, there were 300 guests of family and friends in attendance.

The 93Q listeners were in attendance thanks to the station's Facebook page live stream of the ceremony. The show's producer Al Farb told me the video has received nearly 60,000 views and around 850,000 impressions as of today (I'm including the video below).

The morning show duo are currently on their honeymoon.

That leaves other show host Kevin Kline to hold down the fort. Kline was one the the officiants of the wedding, along with Rico's oldest son, Ricky.

As for workplace relationships, Rico said on Facebook Live that the chemistry is still good between the show's hosts.

"Clearly it has worked out for us, but if it doesn't Kev is going to kill us both," Rico joked.

Some listeners were surprised because they thought Rico didn't even like Tuttle. While Rico says she does not always like his persona in the studio, he's a caring guy in real life.

"I really want to choke him out on the air," she admitted.

Rico says she likes her radio name and keeping it, but changing her name in real life. Although the three joked they could have changed the show's name to "Two Tuttles and a Kline."

Those two Tuttles have eight kids between them. Maybe a reality TV show could be on the way...The Tuttle Ten!


  1. He married up.

    1. Don'the believe everything you see. It's an illusion; especially, with pics. Makeup, hair, surgery, beauty apps can make a 2 a 10!

  2. I was so surprised!!! They do look beautiful together :)

  3. I love you guys even more, don't know how you kept that a secret but good job....

  4. I think that I figured it out a while back, some time last year during a segment when you guys talked about how one of your kids reacted badly after Tim shaved his beard off...I just couldn't confirm it anywhere...BUT I couldn't be happier! I LOVE YOU GUYS! And Kevin too!


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