Thursday, December 29, 2011

Top posts for 2011

Here are the top 10 posts on the blog for 2011 based on reader clicks. That means these 2011 posts had the highest page views for the year.

10. KHOU 11's Lucy Noland headed to KNBC 4 LA

9. KHOU 11 returns anchor Ron Trevino to morning newscast

8. KHOU 11's Chita Johnson from KRCR can dance and rap

7. Kidd Kraddick replaces Maria Todd mornings on Mix 96.5 KHMX

6. 106.9 The Zone gets zapped, will simulcast 107.5 The Eagle KGLK

5. KHOU 11 hires KABC's Lisa Hernandez as main anchor

4. KHOU 11 welcomes KABC anchor Lisa Hernandez

3. 740 KTRH replaces Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard; KTRH is now NewsTalk 740

2. Mike Barajas leaves Fox 26 KRIV?

Drum roll please...and here is the number #1 story.

1. KPRC 2's Dominique Sachse gets engaged in Rome


  1. No no no, the top story that actually led me to your blog in the first place was the launching of news 92! That and the Kidd Kraddick expansion to Houston. Although, I really don't like listening to him in the morning. I love the podcast version of the show much better.

    But thank you for all you did to keep us informed in 2011!

  2. I guess Dom, her nanny, her divorce lawyers and her hairdresser were busy at the keyboard this year stuffing this ballot box...
    Hey - is Bleachy Nasally Freeman pregnant again? She looks huge today on the Noon newscast.

  3. No way. Elections in Russia and the Middle East haven't been as corrupt...98% of those views were probably from Sachse herself, since most no one else cares about her status seeking social climbing...

  4. You're kidding us. Right? Say it ain't so.
    Dominique's "engagement" didn't even move the needle for me.

    I agree with Unknown. The renascence of all-news commercial radio was Houston's biggest media story of the year.

  5. The fact that the story about Lucy Noland leaving in 10th place is beyond me. Sadly nothing in the list mentions Jennifer Reyna.

  6. The top story of 2012 will be Mike Barajas' return from KTUU to KHOU. I can't wait for him to make KHOU a ratings powerhouse once again!

  7. Hopefully the top 2012 story will be "KPRC fires hacks and retools on air talent"

  8. To Anon 1/05/2012 05:32:00 AM,

    Why are you hating so much?!? Must be Mike Barajas' neighbor.


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