Sunday, December 31, 2006

Top 10 for 2006

Here are the top 10 stories (by traffic) for 2006 on the mikemcguff blog:

1. KPRC Local 2 gets a new weather guy
2. Where is Pat Gray of Talk Radio 950 KPRC?
3. PICTURE: Wedding gun cake - only in Texas
4. It is actually happening
5. Major shakeup to Houston's CHR 104.1 KRBE
6. Former KPRCer Wes Hohenstein update?
7. Linda Lorelle leaves KPRC Local 2
8. What Atom Smasher & Maria Todd are up to
9. Is Byron Miranda gone from KPRC mornings?
10. Dwight Schrute will prank phone call you

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