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Monday, January 04, 2016

Top mikemcguff blog posts for 2015

Based on what you're clicking here, we know who the stars of Houston TV are (even if they aren't on air anymore)

Sharron Melton
Sharron Melton
Happy New Year! Here are the top Houston media stories of 2015 by page views on So that means you decided this list by clicking on these posts the most throughout the year.

And based on the results,  you seem to love television news more than any other form of media.

This year's question is...should I actually write new posts, or just coast off old ones? That's sorta a joke, but there is some truth to it. The new crop of Houston TV anchors and reporters need to tune in their star power, because if viewers don't care about who is on their television screen, blogs like mine fade away too! I'm like that little parasite that needs to feed off the host (Houston media) to survive. Time to get tasty!

10. Casey Curry is pregnant
We start at number 10, where we go back in time to 2013 when KTRK abc13 morning meteorologist Casey Curry was expecting. Even in 2015, loyal Curry watchers couldn't get enough.

9. Where is Dominique Sachse?
In April, KPRC 2 anchor Dominique Sachse signed a new contract with the station and left the 5pm newscast. Viewers wanted to know what happened!

8. Lucy Noland shows off sex appeal in photos
This was a 2011 post about former KHOU 11 anchor Lucy Noland who is apparently gaining new fans at her new station, FOX 29 Philadelphia, because they are still finding this post when they hit Google.

7. Sharron Melton exits KTRK abc13
In May, KTRK abc13 field anchor Sharron Melton left the Disney ABC Television Group station much to the chagrin of viewers.

6. KPRC 2's Anthony Yanez heading to KNBC LA
This post was from 2014, but KPRC 2 morning meteorolgoist Anthony Yanez officially left the Houston NBC affiliate in January so lots of sad channel 2 viewers were hitting the internet wanting more info. (RELATED: PHOTOS: KPRC staff's big Anthony Yanez KNBC send off party)

5. KPRC 2 reporters Reyna and Jáquez caught in the act
This 2010 post goes to show that if you mention KPRC 2 anchor Jennifer Reyna and former channel 2 reporter Nefertiti Jáquez, you get guaranteed web traffic.

4. Elita Loresca joins KTRK abc13 after LA's KNBC 4
This post feeds in to the star power I was talking about above because when former KNBC 4 meteorologist Elita Loresca joined KTRK abc13 in June, Houston television viewers definitely took notice.

3. Casey Curry takes a fall on KTRK abc13's 11am newscast
When one of Houston TV's established big stars fell live on the air, viewers responded with lots of sympathy for KTRK abc13 meteorologist Casey Curry. And in Where is Casey Curry?, I explained how I get questions on a weekly, if not daily basis, about where she's been since.

2. Casey Curry and Travis Herzog to switch places on KTRK abc13
It was a big moment in July, pre-fall, when KTRK abc13 managers switched the schedules of KTRK abc13 morning meteorologist Casey Curry with mid-day met Travis Herzog with little explanation.

1. Why is Sharron Melton a KTRK abc13 'field anchor' now?
And the number 1 spot goes to...drum roll please...still the biggest post of all time on this blog, this 2014 post about former KTRK abc13 morning anchor Sharron Melton becoming a "field anchor" won't go away. Outraged viewers filled my comments section, email box and social media with complaints. If I get that big of a reaction, I can't imagine how much the TV station must receive!

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