Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Lucy Noland shows off sex appeal in photos

Just when you thought there would be no more posts here about former KHOU 11 anchor Lucy Noland (she did leave for KNBC in Los Angeles after all) I was sent these stunning photos of her. Here is a side of Ms. Noland away from the news desk and fancy work suits.

Now the question you think news anchors should take sexy photos like this? Does it help ratings? Hurt credibility? Or has no effect?

These Noland photos are on The Upper Hand Hair Salon's Flickr page. According to Flickr, the photos were taken in July 2008 by Pink Posh photography. Enjoy.

By the way, Noland's replacement, former KABC abc7 anchor Lisa Hernandez, starts at KHOU in late October.

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  1. I think it helps a journalist, shows that beauty is inevitable. Hey it worked for Reyna.

  2. Noland's appearance and physical attributes are well known.

    When we first learned she was coming to Houston from New York, I remember you reporting on that famous exchange on the NYC Fox 5 morning show. One of the co-hosts referred to her as "boobylicious."

    She was that, and she still is. She's also a fine news anchor.

  3. Don't even try to compare Reyna to Noland. Noland is an All-Star, MVP and Pro. Reyna is, and will never be anything more than, a horrible traffic reporter who gets promoted base on exaggerated looks and God knows what else (but certainly not skill).
    Lucy possesses intelligence, talent, charm and beauty -- all traits that set her apart from ALL others while she was in Houston.

  4. Whatever jerk.

  5. @9:15,
    "spoken" like a true facts to support your case, you resort to nam calling. Mammy and pappy must be proud.

  6. Noland and Reyna BOTH have skill, and are hot and beautiful. Sounds you're just jealous of Reyna, but you are of Noland for some reason. Stop being jealous of one and not on the other and start appreciating.

  7. "Stop being jealous of one and not on the other and start appreciating."
    What an asinine statement.

  8. @10:15

    I just find it odd that you think Noland is pretty and not Reyna. Usually most people like both.

  9. @10:22, ALL PEOPLE who I know -- not MOST PEOPLE -- but ALL PEOPLE i know, find Reyna utterly unattractive. So don't find it odd. Shesva 4 of 10 at best, and only if she doesn't talk.

  10. Anon @ 10:10, KTRK-TV Ch. 13's Sonia Azad and Adela Uchida are hotter.

  11. "ALL PEOPLE who I know -- not MOST PEOPLE -- but ALL PEOPLE i know, find Reyna utterly unattractive"

    That's because you hang around with jealous women.

    As for Sonia Azad and Adela Uchida being hotter, not really. Noland can still beat em.

  12. Short, dark brown eyes, both have to wear makeup to be considered attractive, both have had surgery. Only dumb broads are jealous of these two!

  13. Lucy looks like a Hollywood star with down home charm and natural beauty.
    Jennifer looks like Dr. Zira.
    Here endeth the lesson.

  14. Lucy Noland is a co-anchor of KNBC NBC 4's weekday news at 6 p.m and anchor of the "NBC4 News at Noon."

  15. What a testament to all the cosmetic bullshit that exists out there, among women anchors. No wonder they call news anchors, readers, in the UK. They're just a bunch of over paid readers.

  16. Lucy is O-U-T at KNBC-TV/Los Angeles. Finally! Totally annoying diva. And she had this habit of leaving her mouth just-partly-open when conducting interviews, while the interviewee was talking, and she was waiting to chime back in — just ridiculous. Close the mouth!

    1. I would rather look at her mouth open than have to look at Coleen Williams face any day.

  17. I don't watch Channel 4 any more. I liked Lucy. How was the rating while she was the Channel 4 anchor?

  18. Where are the pics??? I'd like to see that gorgeous smile and fantastic boobage


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