Thursday, June 30, 2011

VIDEO: KHOU 11 anchor Lucy Noland says goodbye to Houston

With today's shocking news that 740 KTRH replaced Lana Hughes and J.P. Pritchard with Matt Patrick; KTRH is now NewsTalk 740, it's time for some Houston TV viewers to get even more depressed.

Last week we learned that KHOU 11 anchor Lucy Noland will be anchor/reporter at LA's KNBC 4. And just a few days ago, posted video of her official sign off from the newscast. Grab a might need it. (WATCH ABOVE)

At least KHOU allowed Noland the opportunity to say goodbye. For most stations...she would end her final newscast and the day after it would be like "Lucy Noland who? Never heard of her."

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  1. Well that's a shame. Goodbye Lucy! You were not only a great anchor, but you were also a beautiful woman!

  2. I never cared for her so I'm glad she's gone. I thought she was a floozy version of the gal she replaced.

  3. I loved Lucy Noland. She is beautiful, classy, and intelligent. I had hoped she be able to make it in Houston, but I always thought her beauty and sophistication might be not be appreciated in Houston (hey, I'm a proud Houstonian, but let's be honest). People here seem to like women who are plain and catty. LA will probably be better for her and her kids because the people there are more appreciative of beauty and there is a lot more to do besides going out to eat. I will miss you Lucy and I will probably stop watching the news.

  4. To the above poster,

    It's very sad that you put how someone looks above talent. I hate to tell you this, but she is plain without makeup, like 95 percent of other women. How smart can you possibly be if you don't realize that?


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