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Monday, January 12, 2015

PHOTOS: KPRC staff's big Anthony Yanez KNBC send off party

KPRC staff and Houston media members send Anthony Yanez off in style at Saint Arnold Brewing Company

The countdown is on for Thursday when KPRC morning meteorologist Anthony Yanez leaves Houston for Los Angeles' KNBC NBC4 (with Daniella Guzman).

So Saturday night, channel 2 staffers and other members of the Houston media said goodbye to Yanez and his wife Rebecca in style at the Saint Arnold Brewing Company. (Click here to see photos from the party if above slideshow is not working for you. You can click on the photo for a photo ID.)

Just imagine, I used to get food from that building as a student. In the past, brewery's building was the HISD food service facility building!

For those outside of Houston, Yanez and anchor Owen Conflenti are known bros. The KPRC staff joked the "bromance" was coming to an end as Yanez heads off to California (I bet they will still Skype). I even got photo evidence as they mugged for the camera as you can see above.

Seriously though, as KPRC's morning news ascends in the ratings, the fact that anchors like each other, is a positive. There are negative vibes being passed around news desks across the nation as anchors don't like each other or just simply don't vibe. These two had chemistry like Tom Koch and Don Nelson before them at KTRK abc13 and it showed in the TV ratings gold.

I also had my first meeting with KPRC chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley who had the best line of the night in my opinion when he told me, "you look more normal in person than on your blog." I don't know Frank, there are others who might think the cartoon character version of me is actually more normal!

So who's taking over for Yanez? The station has announced Britta Merwin is moving to mornings.

I've already hit Yanez up for a tour of KNBC if I'm ever in LA. And by the way, I now have a copy of his officially released book, A Wild Ride on the Water Cycle. He autographed it to my kids and it looks great. I sent an advanced copy to my son's Kindergarten class and the kids and teacher loved it! It just so happens they were studying the water cycle.

 photo KPRCAnthonyYanzez_party-8_zps8b057f89.jpg


  1. $20 says Owen follows Anthony out to LA in a year! Owen spends alot of time in LA now with former Houstonian Ed Schipul. KPRC loves their 10 PM crew so no one has a chance to promote there. It will be the end of them. Bummer because Owen and Anthony are great together!

    1. What about Rachel McNeil leaving too ? I don't see her being around with KPRC-TV in the long-term.

    2. Rachel's meal ticket is secure.If and when they do not renew her contract. By the way her hubby is not a well know surgeon.He just makes a good salary. The Island Girl married a very nice meal ticket.

  2. I hope Anthony Yanez have fun at KNBC.

  3. Rachel's husband is a surgeon here in town. I imagine if she leaves, it would be out of the business altogether.

  4. I used to watch KPRC, but find myself switching over to KHOU every time Ruben Galvan comes on.

  5. I was invited to this party only cause date some one in radio (wont say who). These media people are weirdos are in a very small world of their own. I felt very uncomfortable. They think they are movie stars. OMG it was so funny to see a bunch of fake people.I was told that Anthony (Tony) is going to make some good money. Glad for Tony and wish him and Becky and the kids the very best.

  6. Anthony Yanez is the only person I can tolerate early in the morning. he does not take loud intake and outtake of breath. his voice is low key, audible and soothing.guess I will stop listening to weather reports, their voices grate on my nerves!!!


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