Thursday, April 24, 2014

Daniella Guzman moves to KNBC LA from WMAQ Chicago

Daniella Guzman continues to move up the TV new ladder from NBC Chicago to KNBC LA

Daniella Guzman
Daniella Guzman at KPRC
It's only been a little more than two years and former KPRC 2 weekend anchor Daniella Guzman is moving up.

 In 2012, Guzman left Houston for the morning anchor chair at NBC's WMAQ Chicago. Wednesday, the press release was issued that Guzman is heading to Los Angeles and NBC owned sister station KNBC.

Clearly the KPRC weekend chair is a great launching pad. As I blogged months ago, KPRC 2 weekend anchor Irika Sargent is about to move to CBS Miami. After this KPRC viral video trending this week, weekend anchor Phillip Mena might be on his way to the network. Who knows?

Here is the release:

Emmy award-winning Daniella Guzman is joining NBC4 Southern California as Co-Anchor and General Assignment Reporter in June 2014. Guzman will co-anchor the “Today in LA” morning newscast alongside Michael Brownlee. “Today in LA” airs weekdays 4:30AM to 7AM.

“Daniella has the right combination of journalistic experience and genuine warmth that comes across on the air and in person,” said Todd Mokhtari, Vice President of News at NBC4 Southern California. “She is a dynamic anchor who will further strengthen our newscast and help our viewers kick start their day.”

Guzman joins NBC4 Southern California after a successful career at NBC5Chicago where she served as anchor for the weekday morning newscast in 2012. For two years she covered a fast-moving blend of the latest breaking news stories and issues important to local residents.

Prior to NBC 5 Chicago, Guzman was a weekend anchor and general assignment reporter at KPRC-TV in Houston. There, she covered hurricanes Dally and Gustav and was one of the first reporters on the scene during the 2009 Fort Hood shooting rampage. From 2004-2006, she worked at Telemundo station KTMD in Houston, and was at the Univision network in Miami earlier in her career. Adding to her broadcast television acumen, she also worked in radio and print media.

An avid traveller, Guzman is fluent in Spanish. She grew up just outside of Houston in Sugarland, TX and graduated from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, where she holds a degree in bilingual journalism and communications. Guzman is married and has a young daughter.

Which other Houston anchor recently worked for KNBC? That's right, former KHOU anchor Lucy Noland.


  1. Congratulations on Daniela Guzman's new job opportunity.

  2. ...And here I was, thinking that Ms. Sargent had had a change of heart and was staying.

  3. I was curious on Irika as well too with KPRC if changed because seemed like people were gone quick with other cases.

    Like Vicente Arenas with Ch 11 he was quickly out and very quickly on the Network. Wish all these people the best and more. As moving up is a great thing and more helps build the experience. Not fully sure even with the Weekend spots these days who will help at Ch 11 and with Irika and perhaps Phillip moving. Wonder if there is a push lately for the people that are leaving with perhaps a Spanish background or something there is a need.

  4. Daniella is a great hire for L.A. I enjoyed knowing her.

  5. She definitely is a beautiful woman and has a nice personality -- but having watched her for 2 years in Chicago, she can't pronounce half the words put in front of her. Her reading is choppy and breaks at the wrong places. I would have changed stations of it were not for Stefan and the rest of the morning team.

    1. I saw her without makeup once and she looked like a totally different human being. I'm 100 percent certain that if something happened and the women on TV could not wear makeup, almost all of them would be fired.

    2. Absolutely right. She still can't pronounce some words and especially proper names. Inexcusable in an anchor in a large market - or any market.

  6. looks like she shed a few lbs from her houston days.

  7. I have to agree with anonymous about her inability to pronounce words. It could be very painful to watch at times. I think they just had to find a spot for her since Zoraida Sambolin was coming back to Chicago, so I'm not so sure she was "moving up the ladder".

  8. I wish her luck. The NBC LA station is known for switching talent regularly. In the past few years I thought they (NBCLA) had solid anchors and supporting weather girls and traffic reporters. I now watch KTLA because of Chris Schable (a former NBC anchor) and the chemistry of the KTLA team. NBCLA news is fickle at best.

  9. She seems fine at her job except she has now twice, two days in a row, failed at pronouncing Gevorgyan. Yesterday she said something like Gor-Yan. Today she said Grigorian. So many of today's news reporters and even anchors have poor performance in reading, pronunciation and grammar. Really irks those of us of a certain age who had a superior education and value the language.


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