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Friday, June 12, 2015

Elita Loresca joins KTRK abc13 after LA's KNBC 4

Elita Loresca joins abc13 KTRK as meteorologist after KNBC 4 Los Angeles

Elita Loresca joins TBS' "America’s Next Weatherman"

Elita Loresca
Elita Loresca

Watch out Chita and KHOU, KTRK abc13 is also importing a California meteorologist that will soon be causing a heat wave across Houston TV screens and she's got the readers of FHM magazine to prove it.

Former KNBC 4 Los Angeles morning meteorologist Elita Loresca is heading to Houston next week as channel 13's weekend morning meteorologist. And it's probably good that Loresca is moving to an ABC owned station where the Today show isn't on the air.

Consider her an unofficial West Coast/Gulf Coast swap for former KPRC meteorologist Anthony Yanez who left for KNBC earlier this year.

Working in television market #2 for so many years as she did, Loresca certainly got a lot of attention. For example, in 2012, LA Weekly named her one of LA's 5 hottest weather 'girls.'

But it was while working for Miami's WSVN when Loresca got even a bigger honor when readers of FHM magazine voted her "America's Sexiest Newscaster" in the magazine's October 2006 issue.

She talked about the honor with the La Verne Online:

elita loresca fhm photo: fhm pic 08 Picture-8.jpg
For Loresca, it was good, wholesome, healthy fun, which also had to be a ratings bonanza for her station.
“I tell you what,” Loresca said. “I call that an opportunity. Not very many people can say they were voted America’s sexiest newscaster. What bothers me are people who like to form opinions based on the pictures, or who state the only reason I am where I am is ‘blah, blah, blah.’

“For me, it was just kind of a bonus and a reflection of how hard I’d worked in my career and how I’d taken care of myself, not just from a health and fitness standpoint, but emotionally and spiritually. I was in a good place in my life where I could show that off. It was a great opportunity.”

Loresca generated fan mail across the United States, as well as Europe. “When the issue first came out, I got a lot of European fan mail asking me for signed autographs,” she said. READ MORE

In another LA Weekly article from 2008, Loresca also talked about the FHM award:

She characterizes the FHM thing as an “interesting” experience, on the whole beneficial, since it was done in a “tasteful” manner agreed upon by her parents and the station. These days, though, you’re more likely to see her in a little black blazer on KNBC rather than a rain-soaked negligee — she says she’s dressing both weather- and age-appropriate (she is 31). “It gives people an indication of what it’s like outside,” Loresca says. “‘Oh, she’s wearing a turtleneck, it must be cold.’” READ THE REST

But she isn't only about looks. According to her bio, while at WSVN Miami, Loresca covered hurricanes Katrina, Rita and Wilma from the National Hurricane Center. In fact on her first day at the station, she began forecasting the 2004 hurricane season with Hurricane Frances. Necessary experience for a Houston meteorologist.

Before Miami, Loresca was the morning and noon meteorologist at KGPE Fresno, California and the noon meteorologist/assignment editor for KGET Bakersfield, California. She is a graduate of Cal State Fullerton and earned the Certificate of Broadcast Meteorology at Mississippi State University.

While born in the Philippines, Loresca moved to Southern California at 10 months old growing up in both Los Angeles and Chino, CA.

From what I understand, current weekend morning and evening meteorologist David Tillman will now focus on weekend evenings only with Loresca's arrival.

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