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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

KPRC 2 really likes KTRK abc13's news coverage; KTRK responds with promo

UPDATE 6/5/2013 4pm
KPRC 2 issues apology/explanation to KTRK 13 over tweeted photo

Channel 13's coverage good enough for channel 2 to use

You know how I call myself a dunderpate at the top of this blog? Dunderpate is another word for dunce. And the dunderpate of the day in Houston media is all of KPRC channel 2.

Clearly today's biggest news story is the overturned truck which closed down the entire West Loop for most of the day. It took my wife like three hours to get to work as a result. KPRC sure wanted to get that news out on Twitter this morning but must not have had the multi-station chopper up or something, because it tweeted a stolen SkyEye 13 photo from KTRK's on air coverage! Screen grabs below:

 photo kprcstealing13_1_zpsa3f9543a.jpg

 photo kprcstealing13_2_zps2292bcf8.jpg

At the time of this publishing you can see the tweets here and here.

UPDATE: Mike Guerrero is KTRK's morning chopper reporter/photographer.

In the blog world, I get stuff stolen from me all the time. But in the TV world, you don't see stations grabbing stuff from each other usually. In fact, the basic sense is to not put any mention or reminder of the competition in front of your viewers. Now KPRC did remove the 13 logo from the image but still, the image is obviously KTRK's look.

As I blogged before, KPRC 2 has had its controversial moments with Twitter specifically. Nothing brought attention to the station like the fictional Liberty County mass graves story from the summer of 2011. It has been widely reported that @local2breaking was the source for that story as fact, leading many other media outlets to run with it and then later retract it. Later that year, I told you how KPRC re-branded that account to become @KPRCLocal2.

It appears the folks at KTRK noticed how much KPRC endorses them and put together a response you can watch below.

I contacted KPRC for a response and will share it with you if I get one.

UPDATE 6/5/2013 4pm
KPRC 2 issues apology/explanation to KTRK 13 over tweeted photo

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