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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Christi Myers wins 'Texas Health Journalist of the Year' 2013

KTRK abc13's Christi Myers scores big at Texas Medical Association's Anson Jones, MD, Awards

Christi Myers
Christi Myers
Christi Myers, KTRK abc13's Health Check reporter, knows so much about covering medical stories, that when I worked with her at the ABC owned and operated station, I wanted to call her Dr. Myers.

To prove my point, I hear the Texas Medical Association's Anson Jones, MD, Awards competition named Myers “Texas Health Journalist of the Year” for 2013. She is the first winner ever, as they have just added this category in the 50-year history of the awards.

It's great to have someone like Myers around in a time when TV health reporting is generally criticized. Diana Marszalek of TVNewsCheck recently wrote a piece that highlights some of those issues.

Myers is also one of the last medical reporters standing in Houston where most stations have thrown in the towel. There was a time when almost every Houston television station had someone dedicated to medical coverage (now an anchor might cover it on the side).

This is strange to me considering we have the largest medical center in the world here with the Texas Medical Center. For those not in Houston, the TMC is so large, it looks like a second downtown. I don't think multiple reporters could ever cover all of the research breakthroughs and the stories of hope/loss that go on there everyday.

Myers keeps the stories coming, and according to her bio, has more than 100 awards to her name to prove it. She's been covering the health beat at KTRK since the 1990s.

More winners of the 2013 Anson Jones, MD, Awards will be announced next week.

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