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Wednesday, June 05, 2013

KPRC 2 issues apology to KTRK 13 over tweeted photo

KPRC offers explanation and apology over tweeted photo

Yesterday I told you how KPRC 2 tweeted a photo that was taken from KTRK abc13's on air coverage of the overturned tanker on 610. Today the station sent an explanation and apology to KTRK from KPRC General Manager Jerry Martin:

"The image was not ours to post. After investigating, we discovered it was tweeted by an employee of a third party company contracted to assist with our traffic presentation and the matter is being handled privately.

Post Newsweek Inc. has social media guidelines in place and just recently held staff meetings covering this exact topic. We will make sure to extend that training beyond PNS employees to anyone with the potential to post under our brand on any platform. It was an oversight on our end and we extend an apology to Channel 13."

KTRK has been running several on-air promos concerning the incident. You can watch one here.

A few weeks ago, Martin also issued an apology on behalf of the station concerning the absence of NBC Formula One Monaco Grand Prix coverage on KPRC.

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