Monday, February 14, 2011

New KPRC 2 Houston GM is Jerry Martin

We found out today that WXIN Fox 59 general manager Jerry Martin is the new KPRC 2 GM.

“Jerry has a very impressive list of credentials and the staff is looking forward to our first chance to meet him tomorrow," KPRC 2 Vice President/Creative Services Director Mike Guerrieri told the blog. "We have a lot of exciting improvements coming to KPRC in the next few weeks that will be very visible to viewers and we’re looking forward to Jerry being a part it”.

The Indianapolis Business Journal reported the news first:

WXIN-TV Channel 59 General Manager Jerry Martin notified staff on Monday that he is leaving the Indianapolis station Feb. 25 to pursue a similar position in Houston.

Martin will join NBC affiliate KPRC, a Post-Newsweek-owned television station, as its general manager.

He has been at WXIN, commonly known as Fox59, for more than six years and helped the station triple its number of hours devoted to local news.

“I’ve worked at a top-10 market before, and it’s a good opportunity to get back into a top-10 market,” Martin said of Houston. “It’s a bittersweet move.” READ MORE

Martin will replace former KPRC 2 general manager Larry Blackerby who left in November 2010 for a new gig with McGraw-Hill Broadcasting at WRTV the ABC-affiliate station in Indianapolis.

So Indianapolis takes a Houston GM, but Houston takes one from there. I guess we are even now.


  1. Speaking of KPRC, Mike, is the rumor that is surfacing on Wikipedia true that Jeniffer Reyna is leaving on March 7th?? I do not see this going over well if it is true, and after hearing her on air live with Mike and Susan on KSBJ this morning, she gave no indication she was leaving. I also have seen wikipedia predictions go bad before (like when Andy Cerota was supposed to go to KIAH to be a meteorologist). I was wondering what your "proffesional take" on this is? Have you heard anything??

  2. No, have not hear anything about this. Will watch though.

  3. Anyone know what the "very visible" changes in the works at KPRC are? Set and graphics aren't that old. (Another) talent shuffle?

  4. @ Anonymous 10:08 PM
    Maybe they're making Bill, Ian and that lady Owen get impants?
    Just kidding....but hopefully he change includes losing dead untalented weight like Freeman, Taghi, Jaquez and Sachse.

  5. On the KPRC-TV Wikipedia page under the Current On-Air Staff Reporter listings is the following:

    - Jennifer Reyna - traffic reporter (until March 7, 2011)
    - Mark Sanderson - traffic reporter (debuts March 7, 2011, replaces Jennifer Reyna)


  6. Reyna is leaving? NO WAY!

    Dead weight? Freeman does great in the mornings. Sasche has been in Houston forever. I like Jacquez. I haven't seen the Taghi girl.

    Go 2!

  7. I support reducing the amount of newscasts Dominique and Bill are on in the fullest. Ever since 2 got rid of the best anchor they had, Jerome Gray, it's been Domininque and Bill at 4,5,6 and 10....

    I can stand Bill that long, but I'm tired of Dominique by 4:20.

  8. Maybe they're making Bill, Ian and that lady Owen get impants?
    Just kidding....but hopefully he change includes losing dead untalented weight like Freeman, Taghi, Jaquez and Sachse.

    2/15/2011 07:32:00 AM

    I bet the above was posted by the ugliest woman in Houston. Don't be jealous sweetheart. I'm sure Valentine's Day was lonely but you will find love...probably. Maybe.

  9. I bet the above was posted by the ugliest man in Houston. That's why he has to sit at home getting off to a bunch of fake broads. Honey, get some plastic surgery, some hair, a college degree, some money, and get rid of that gut and maybe you will find a "real" woman.

  10. Weak comeback. However, I do like the "real" woman comment. That's a word used by heinous trolls who cannot handle their jealousy. Don't be mad that you don't have their looks or brains. Focus on bettering yourself...even if that means wearing a mask.

  11. I wonder if Jerry will have a say when it comes to certain reporters. Like ohhh say the one brought in by her husband on the hush. KPRC is a sinking ship.

  12. Who was brought in by her husband?

  13. The new annoying hyper one.


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