Tuesday, September 13, 2011

KPRC 2 re-brands controversial Twitter account

It appears KPRC 2 has quietly changed the name of its main news Twitter feed from @local2breaking to @KPRCLocal2 (looks like the change was made late last week since there are still retweets from the old account as of September 7th).

That is a wise move in my opinion. If I were calling the shots at Houston's NBC affiliate, I would have made that same call.

For those who do not know, the now infamous @local2breaking account has had some rough moments. There was some strange stuff being tweeted on that account from what I saw - often in all caps just like a TV script. It was so odd, that it inspired @local2faking. Yes, someone actually took the time to parody a local Houston TV station Twitter account. @local2faking's tweets are usually NSFW by the way.

Fake Twitter accounts aside, nothing brought attention to the station like the fictional Liberty County mass graves story from earlier this summer. It has been widely reported that @local2breaking was the source for that story as fact, leading many other media outlets to run with it and then retract it.

Those two things alone are enough to bring a bad brand name to something. Starting off under a new identity is a good move. We'll have to see if the changes are just cosmetic or if they are editorial too.

In full disclosure, I consulted KPRC on its Facebook pages, but not its Twitter accounts.


  1. Gene Rayburn Strikes Again...9/13/2011 03:02:00 PM

    Quiz Time! Can you get a perfect 10? Match the following skills or traits with the corresponding KPRC “talent”:

    a. Blepharospasm
    b. Perspiring
    c. Rhotacism
    d. Stunt Double for Alley Oop
    e. Mary Hart-like, seizure inducing voice
    f. Stunt Double for Mini-Me
    g. Grandiose
    h. Insipid
    i. Gauche
    j. Caught whacking a piñata as a prop during a story this month…broke my heart to see that

  2. Channel 13 didn't jump the gun, and didn't have to issue a retraction!

  3. I will always hate Twitter anyway.

  4. Where can I find that story about Liberty County? I want to know what happened.

  5. Nef is perspirer. I saw Benton do the pinata thing. 2 down?

  6. Mary whacked a pinata? Thought she was better than that.

  7. Mini-Me has to be that midget Adam Clanton.

  8. Who cares? Houston is a second-rate city filled with rednecks and fake blondes. You people contribute nothing to this country.

    Your sports teams blow and your voices are annoying. I'm really rooting for a hurricane to wipe you worthless people off the map.

    Gene Rayburn...please kill yourself. You're a complete nerd.

  9. Blepharospasm = uncontrollable blinking. Has to be Blinky Bauer.

  10. Anon 4:05...you're text reveals a class only known, seen and smelt in Dallas.

  11. Houston doesn't have rednecks, it's mostly poor minorities and wannabe hippies who couldn't get into Austin are here. If you want rednecks go to Santa Fe.

  12. a. Blepharospasm = Bauer
    b. Perspiring = Jacquez
    c. Rhotacism = Taghi
    d. Double for Alley Oop = Conflenti
    e. Seizure inducing voice = Freeman
    f. Stunt Double for Mini-Me = Clanton
    g. Grandiose = Sachse
    h. Insipid = Guzman
    i. Gauche = Reyna
    j. Caught whacking a piñata = Benton


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