Thursday, May 20, 2010

KPRC Local 2 launches new Facebook pages!

If you want to see what I've been working on lately in the television world, look no further than the new KPRC Channel 2 Facebook fan pages. The station has hired me to consult them on social media.

The mother ship if you will is the KPRC Local 2 page. It's the gateway to the KPRC anchor pages. If you Like the above linked main page now, you could win an Apple iPad by the way!

I've worked to make these pages different than other media Facebook fan pages. Check out the weather quiz I built for Frank Billingsley's fan page. And I also worked in a scrolling, up to the minute news feed for the pages. I have more plans to make KPRC's Facebook pages standout...stay tuned!

Things have changed A LOT on Facebook since I built my last TV station Facebook pages in 2008-2009. You can do a lot of cool stuff now that wasn't available back then.

So 'Like' the KPRC pages, enjoy all of the great content and keep checking back for some cool updates! If you think there's something that should be on them, let me know.


  1. Just curious, Mike ... why not modify their existing Facebook acct. rather than launch the new one? I 'like' the new and the old ones, but you're bound to lose some folks in the shuffle.

  2. Fresh start? I was just told to work on the new one.


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