Wednesday, June 05, 2013

KPRC 2 issues apology to KTRK 13 over tweeted photo

KPRC offers explanation and apology over tweeted photo

Yesterday I told you how KPRC 2 tweeted a photo that was taken from KTRK abc13's on air coverage of the overturned tanker on 610. Today the station sent an explanation and apology to KTRK from KPRC General Manager Jerry Martin:

"The image was not ours to post. After investigating, we discovered it was tweeted by an employee of a third party company contracted to assist with our traffic presentation and the matter is being handled privately.

Post Newsweek Inc. has social media guidelines in place and just recently held staff meetings covering this exact topic. We will make sure to extend that training beyond PNS employees to anyone with the potential to post under our brand on any platform. It was an oversight on our end and we extend an apology to Channel 13."

KTRK has been running several on-air promos concerning the incident. You can watch one here.

A few weeks ago, Martin also issued an apology on behalf of the station concerning the absence of NBC Formula One Monaco Grand Prix coverage on KPRC.


  1. So let me get this straight-- Ch 2 is apologizing for an "oversight" (aka theft) but is blaming it on their 3rd party (aka outsourced) web department (aka KPRC Bangladesh bureau)--We should all feel so confident in their ability to get their own content up Twitter. Maybe the Bangladesh bureau will get a chopper. Good luck with that training.

  2. Clearly KPRC's news director is an utter idiot. So unprofessional for a top ten market station. I know who NOT to watch for the news!

  3. The entire organization there at KPRC is clueless, sub-par unprofessional and classless.

  4. clearly kprc tv 2 is very unprofessional from top to bottom they need to clean house

  5. 3rd party company my ass. Tweets are all sent out in-house. Remember the whole mass grave situation that KPRC tweeted about? I don't recall them blaming a 3rd party for that mess-up.

  6. Wait a minute...

    Anybody notice that there is no 13 graphic that came through on the feed? If your control room supplies your social media person with an unbranded feed from a pooled or shared helicopter cam, what do you expect to happen?

    And it seems kind of odd Channel 2 would not share the SAME training that the staff got with the contracted staff, BEFORE something like this accidentally happens. Hope they don't take any action against the person considering the circumstances. There's no need for this blog and KTRK to make such a big deal out of this, and make it seem as if it was on purpose.

    From a viewers perspective, I felt like they were on the ball getting the breaking picture out to us. I have been following Jennifer and KPRC on social media and TV for a while and they have got a smooth operation!

  7. Bangladesh? These type of 3rd party agreements are in place at many stations including here in Houston. 2, 11 and 26 all share a chopper so that deal is no different. The pilot isn't an employee of the station. He/she is a contractor. Ever seen the chopper pilot at your station policy meeting?

  8. Jerry Martin. Jerry who? YAWNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN. Snore. P.S. Jerry... leave your executive washroom key with front desk security on your way out; it's not a memento for your bragging while in retirement at Out To Pasture Acres. It's for the guy or gal who's behind you, in touch, does your job better-- and cheaper.

  9. What we have here is yet another example of erroneous reportage due to laziness or the drive for a bigger bottom line by getting sup-par people on the cheap. You would think by now, news organizations would know better than to rely on "social media" as a trustworthy source of information.

    I have to say, I am quite partial to the airstaff on KPRC; Bill, Frank and Dominique are exceedingly competent, but unfortunately, the CONTENT of their broadcasts is really, really lame. So many times I'd sit and wonder WTF is this doing on the news...

  10. So who's the third party? Metro Traffic?

  11. All of “this” is due to “genetically modified” food.
    It’s an “Animal Farm” here. We will all look like pigs
    as “some animals are more equal than others.”
    If viewers “only had a brain, a heart, the nerve!”

  12. I actually watched Channel 2 today at 4:00. Local2 as they call themselves. Here's what I saw once I tuned in around 4:10:
    - Death of swimmer Esther Williams
    - Verizion spys with DOJ and Washington D.C. video
    - Queen Elizabeth's husband is ill
    - Someone tried to kill themself outside the Today studio this morning
    - Michael Jackson's daughter, Paris, tried to kill herself
    - The winner of the lottery who lives in Florida
    - A parachute jump in NOrmandy on D-Day anniversary
    - Tropical Storm Andrea in Tampa, Florida

    Local, huh?

  13. They, the Presstitutes, wouldn't know how to do investigative reporting if it bit them in the _____! It's (the NEWS) all infotainment in sponsorship of the corporations.....

  14. Have you been informed that your personal information will be stored at the one-million square-foot Utah data mining facility being built by NSA? No it has not!

  15. Pretty shameful that they blame a third party and won't take responsibility. Even more pathetic that someone at the station can't tweet out local news and they have "outsourced" their twitter account. Sad, sad station.

  16. OK, I must admit that Local 2 is loosing it! KPRC-TV has been around for 60+ years, and this is the lowest that I have ever seen this station go! Thier apogizing to another station!?!? KTRK-TV has ran the gauent with this, and they should, I mean,a 3rd party did this?? I DON'T THINK SO! I really like watching Local 2,and I have been watching them for 40+ years, but I'm sorry the graves in Liberty County, The not airing of the grand Prix and now this? I defended Local 2, Or at lease tried to, but Jerry Martin is making some very studip mistakes! I wish that the Hobby Family hadn't sold Local 2 to Post-Newsweek! Maybe they should go to Belo? HA!

  17. Stupid, stupid mistake, yes...but don't let KPRCs lack of leadership make you think there are classless employees. Some are too young to work in a top 10 market, but they band together to deal with the lack of management and mentoring. I heard time and again the same quote, "I hope I can outlast this management so I can do good work again." I left but wish the best for my talented friends at KPRC.


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