Thursday, December 27, 2012

Top posts for 2012

Every year I slack off like every other blog and run highlights of the past year. So here you go, the top Houston media stories of 2012 by pageviews. So that means the readers decided this list by what they clicked on most throughout the year.

1. KPRC 2's Dominique Sachse gets engaged in Rome
I wrote this post in October 2011 and it's still tops in 2012. Yes, that many people search for news on KPRC 2's Dominique Sachse and her engagement/wedding.

 I hate to tell the haters this, but this post had three times the traffic of the number two post. From my blog's perspective, Sachse is the most popular talent in Houston.

Here is the actual wedding post - KPRC 2's Dominique Sachse weds Nick Florescu.

2. Wayne Dolcefino and KTRK 13 divorce
The news of Wayne Dolcefino leaving KTRK 13 officially came the day before Thanksgiving. That means this number 2 post has only been up for around a month. Wow!

I said this would be the biggest media story of 2012 at the time, and I almost stopped blogging for the rest of the year.

Good thing I didn' other story was about to happen that would almost be as big (more on this below).

See photos from Wayne Dolcefino's goodbye party, plus what he's doing next.

3. Gene Norman out at KHOU 11
Another big story in November, just before the Wayne Dolcefino post. Gene Norman's departure from KHOU 11 proved that some of the biggest media stories happened at the end of 2012.

4. KPRC 2's Frank Billingsley weds partner of 17 years
This is the post I talked about before. KPRC 2 chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley's marriage to his longtime partner happened in mid-December, and readers haven't stopped reading it since.

5. Nnete departs 97.9 The Box KBXX Madd Hatta Morning Show
When 97.9 The Box KBXX morning show co-host Nnete Inyangumia left the station, it shocked a lot of people. She left for Foxxhole on Sirius XM channel.

6. KHOU 11's Chita Johnson from KRCR can dance and rap
What can I say about KHOU 11 meteorologist Chita Johnson? Clearly she has fans. This post was written in July of 2011 and people are still accessing it all the time.

7. KPRC 2's Dominique Sachse and Nick Florescu's new wedding plans
Remember when I said KPRC 2's Dominique Sachse was popular? Here is another wedding post, this time from 2012, that made it big.

8. KPRC 2's Jennifer Reyna promoted to anchor
If you have been a longtime reader here, you know KPRC 2's Jennifer Reyna has always been a popular topic. This post was from September 2011 and is still hot.

9. KHOU 11's Christine Haas to KNSD 7 NBC San Diego
KHOU 11 morning anchor Christine Haas surprised viewers when she headed west to KNSD 7 NBC San Diego. Stay classy.

10. Sam Malone says 700 KSEV let him go
The news of Sam Malone getting fired from 700 KSEV happened on the same weekend that KPRC 2's Dominique Sachse got married. It was probably the biggest weekend my blog ever had.
- Sam Malone and Maria Todd together again?

11. KPRC 2 hires fmr. beauty queen, Sharron Melton vs Lily Jang and more
This post covered four topics, but it was the last one that generated all of the traffic. It made number 11 on the list because of KPRC 2 reporter Alexandra Lewis who was a former Miss Louisiana. Ca c'est bon.

12. KTRK 13 hires Crystal Kobza, formerly of KOB
The day reporter Crystal Kobza showed up on KTRK 13, I had tons of emails from excited male viewers. No surprise she makes the number 12 post. Hate to disappoint all of her fans, but I hear Kobza has left the station after her freelance gig ended.

13. Mix 96.5 KHMX dumps Kidd Kraddick; going local
While Kidd Kraddick didn't apparently heat up mornings on Mix 96.5 KHMX, he still has a bunch of fans that wondered what happened to the show after the station decided to go local.

14. KTRK 13's Casey Curry engaged
KTRK 13 meteorologist Casey Curry is probably one of the most popular talents on KTRK 13. When I write a post about her, it always does well with readers. In fact, I now know first hand, when she does a community event, she can fill a room with fans.
- KTRK 13's Casey Curry talks engagement

15. KHOU 11 puts Lily Jang in mornings from KCPQ Q13 Seattle
I just featured the post where KHOU 11 morning anchor Christine Haas took off for San Diego. Here is the post concerning her replacement. Lily Jang has massive popularity on social media, so no surprise she makes the 15th slot.
- KHOU's Lily Jang talks morning drama & chemistry

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