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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

KPRC 2 hires fmr. beauty queen, Sharron Melton vs Lily Jang and more

I told you in early January that KHOU 11 hired Lily Jang for morning anchor from KCPQ Q13 Seattle. Jang is back in her hometown of Houston and already has a channel 11 promo ready (embedded above). The Langham Creek High School grad is obviously already working at KHOU, but officially starts on the morning news next Monday.

"I am incredibly blessed that KHOU is giving me this opportunity," Jang previously told "Excited to finally be home where I grew up and my parents can watch me."

KTRK 13 morning anchor Sharron Melton rejoins Tom Koch

Speaking of mornings, over at KTRK 13, anchor Sharron Melton has been MIA for a while. Well, she came back this week after recovering.

"I so want to thank all of you again for your thoughts and prayers," Melton told her Facebook page fans. "I know you made a difference."

And for good measure...I hear former KPRC 2 anchor Don Armstrong (and big voice over/talent guy) was reporting from Sky Eye HD recently.

KPRC 2 anchor Daniella Guzman to co-anchor with Lester Holt's son at NBC 5 WMAQ Chicago

Enjoy KPRC 2 weekend anchor Daniella Guzman while you still can. In March, Guzman is going to Chicago to be the weekday morning anchor at NBC owned and operated NBC 5 WMAQ.

Chicago media blogger Robert Feder reports Guzman's new co-anchor will be Stefan Holt. Last name ring a bell for NBC watchers? Stefan Holt is the 24-year-old son of NBC News anchor Lester Holt who joined the NBC station last year. I bet it was that cool font on his resume that got him this job.

KPRC 2 hires former Miss Lafayette, KLFY Lafayette reporter Alexandra Lewis

And here is a second note to the Guzman fan boys. I know you are losing your weekend highlight, but before you get too depressed, KPRC 2 just brought on a new reporter who is a former Miss Lafayette and 3rd place finisher in Miss Louisiana! Ca c'est bon. Fall in love with KPRC weekends all over again!

 Former KLFY Lafayette reporter Alexandra Lewis is now on the KPRC airwaves (as a freelance reporter from what I understand). Go look at her official Miss Louisiana contest page. I know where your priorities are, if you get around to it, here is one of her stories that aired on channel 2 last weekend.

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