Monday, January 30, 2012

Where has KTRK 13 anchor Sharron Melton been?

Why is Sharron Melton a KTRK abc13 'field anchor' now?

Lots of emails coming into this blog asking where KTRK 13 morning news anchor Sharron Melton has been?

Don't worry Melton fans, she will be back. Here is what Melton wrote on her Facebook fan page:

"Sorry I've been away for so long. But, for those of you who do not know I have a painful back injury. As soon as I get past this, I will be back on the air. Thank you to all who have sent words of encouragement and prayers because I really do appreciate it."

Melton is not the only KTRK anchor disappearing from the channel 13 airwaves lately. Longtime anchor Dave Ward injured himself after a fall while heading to the news desk to anchor the 10pm news a few weeks ago. He is currently recovering from surgery.

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- New KTRK 13 morning anchor Sharron Melton

(Image courtesy of Girl Scouts of San Jacinto)


  1. Hope you get well soon, miss you.

    God Bless you

  2. Sharron, your hair,and make-up are very pretty. I must tell you that your are very pretty. You are a great news Anchor.

    God Bless you!

  3. why in the field with a painful back?

  4. Melton, why are there reports you are moving to KPRC? Field work until your contract runs it course?
    If this is true, Iam not happy. Sorry...

    1. I think Sharron Melton is so smart and funny. The group at 4:30 am, is so much fun. I wake up and see them and go back to sleep when their program is over. I love your presence Sharron you are delightful! I am praying God will fix it.

  5. Hope you are better soon...miss you!

  6. I just returned from vacation and discovered Sharron is no longer on the morning news. I love this young smile. I can't wait for her to return. Hope the back gets better and she'll be able to sit for long periods at a time. Hurry Back and Get that Back back in order......Take Care!!!

  7. Hope you heal quickly. Sure miss you.

  8. Sharron I really miss you and that great smile of yours on the news cast , I pray that management bring you back to the lineup, because it's not the same without you.with you being in the field it just don't even look ya

  9. i'm glad to see changes. sometimes too much chaos in the morning.

    Sign, Maribel

  10. Can't believe the comment about change is good. The morning news is not the same w/ out Sharron. They are the best morning news team on the air. If someone believes in change why don't that person change chanels.

  11. Sure do miss you in the AM. Hope you are well and back soon. The AM show is just not the same without you.

  12. show is not the same without you. I don't like change myself.

  13. It is so good to hear you speak out. I'm so sorry about your back and pray that it is better soon. You are terribly missed from the morning anchor desk. Please return soon to ABC or wherever, we'll find you.
    Luv ya!