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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

KHOU 11 building new set; operating from temporary studio

KHOU 11's new set 2016

While a new set is being built, KHOU 11's newscasts are now temporarily being done from 'Great Day Houston's' set

 photo khoutempset2016_zpshqgxrdeb.jpg

KHOU 11 is getting a newscast set and the temporary one might have fooled some viewers since it looks pretty much the same as before.

"We're in a new location, we've lost our lease," joked new morning anchor Russ Lewis in a video posted to Facebook. "We've had to move out to a new location."

"We've moved next door to the 'Great Day [Houston]' studios," added co-anchor Rekha Muddaraj. "So this is typically where the audience sits for 'Great Day.'"

In the video, Lewis takes us on a tour of the studio. He opens a fridge on the talk show's set and finds a Corona. Fitting since it is actually National Drink Beer Day.

Isn't everyday now some kind of marketing created celebration of a product? Years ago I tried to get in on the action by begging then Houston Mayor Annise Parker to create "Mike McGuff Day." Notice you haven't celebrated my day yet. Anyone reading this have an in with Mayor Sylvester Turner?

We also learned that the weather and traffic green chroma-key wall is now down the hall in its own room.

According to my posts, KHOU 11 launched the last newscast set in 2011. And last year introduced a giant screen that would make any NFL fan drool.

Channel 11 is the only Houston English language television station I've never stepped a foot inside, so I don't have any great insight on its studio. I can say on TV it looks smaller than what the other stations have to work with.

A fellow media watcher wrote me, who appears to know way more about TV studio sets than I do, and offered these scenarios:

It'll be interesting to see whether the new KHOU set will be a carbon-copy of KING and KUSA sets (by Jack Morton PDG), or whether it'll be something original (like Devlin or FX).

The anchor's posts on Facebook say the new set will be ready in November.

KHOU 11's new set 2016

- KTRK abc13 debuts new set
- KPRC 2 launches new set for 2013
- Univision 45 KXLN unveils new set
- Bruce Aleksander, longtime Houston TV lighting director-designer, gets honored

(Thanks Eric and Robin)

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