Sunday, September 13, 2015

KTRK abc13 debuts new set

New KTRK abc13 news set is brighter and high-tech

Getting a new news set must be similiar to getting a new car. You loved the old one, but overtime newer and shinier things come out. And, ahhhh, that new studio smell!

So let's take a test drive with KTRK abc13's new studio look. The station last updated its anchor desk in 2008.

I think it looks really good. One thing I noticed is the full body weather shot which is a first for Houston. It is so LA.

abc13 KTRK gets new graphics

 photo ktrk2015_11_zpsphf94e6n.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_3_zps3m3s6aud.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_12_zps6qi9clmw.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_9_zpsnxwrlxw2.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_8_zps0x2jn8ua.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_7_zpsaqj3ud3f.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_6_zpsdljuhufc.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_13_zpsqlfkurkt.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_2_zpszc4gg6lr.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_4_zpsuhltvdae.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_5_zpswjqhwvfu.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_14_zpsqiyd7rqf.jpg

Time-lapse of new Eyewitness News set
Today, we're unveiling our brand new set on Eyewitness News at 5:30pm...and this is what it looked like as it was being built!
Posted by ABC 13 Houston on Sunday, September 13, 2015


  1. I would love to see something new with KHOU as have not seen much new with them. Like to see something besides the Green Curtain with the weather there.

    But like the supposed new look here.

    1. FOX 26 & KHOU-TV CBS 11 are both going to get pressured by their respective viewers to update their respective studio sets!

    2. Fox 26's GM is too cheap to update the set. He'll stick with it until he's fired or retires. He loves those bonus checks.

  2. Hey look, a big backdrop of the city with a lot of blue. You guys are killing it over there! Cookie cutter set. You can tell who makes the decisions for these large projects, the people with no vision.

  3. Have y'all notice it looks somewhat similar to Ch. 13's 2nd Virtual set from 1983 ?

  4. The best thing on that set is NATASHA! She looks absolutely beautiful.

  5. and more blue.... What the heck is it with seemingly all TV station news sets being so BLUE? It makes everything look icy and cold and forbidding...

  6. I'm going to be very curious to see if the 5pm & 6pm newscasts for Ch. 13 will have a sunset background behind the downtown skyline!

  7. It looks similar to KTRK sister station WABC-TV New York studios

  8. Serious question...when will Natasha move to weekdays. I like the other teams, just think it's time to modernize/ update the anchor teams.

  9. Looking at other stations across the country. WJLA, after retiring it's former Modular Broadcast Design set of 17 years, debuted its new Park Place Studio set this week. WWBT debuted its new FX Design Group set, and it's almost identical to WBTV and WVUE. I wouldn't be surprised if the WBTV design shows up on several more Raycom stations (like WMC and WBRC). KIRO should be getting close to debuting its new set.

    Clickspring Design did a nice job with the new KTRK ABC 13 set. Hopefully several Texas stations could and might be planning set makeovers soon. Hopefully Fox is planning set makeovers for KDFW and KRIV. It may be a while before WFAA and KHOU receive new sets... plus a few other TEGNA stations are due for set makeovers.

  10. I see they have positioned the news desk and camera for the obligatory side-boob shot as they toss it over to Weather.

  11. Listen, anything that makes Natasha look that much better is always a good thing! Money well spent, Channel 13. Now they just need to get rid of Greg Bailey, and I might actually start watching again!

    1. Why would Greg Bailey leave Ch. 13 ? He's got a good job going & he's going to be with the ABC O&O station at least for several years!

  12. I don't like it. I just don't like change though. This new set is too fancy and dangerous!!! Poor Casey Curry. I knew that set was no good.


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