Sunday, September 13, 2015

KTRK abc13 debuts new set

New KTRK abc13 news set is brighter and high-tech

Getting a new news set must be similiar to getting a new car. You loved the old one, but overtime newer and shinier things come out. And, ahhhh, that new studio smell!

So let's take a test drive with KTRK abc13's new studio look. The station last updated its anchor desk in 2008.

I think it looks really good. One thing I noticed is the full body weather shot which is a first for Houston. It is so LA.

abc13 KTRK gets new graphics

 photo ktrk2015_11_zpsphf94e6n.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_3_zps3m3s6aud.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_12_zps6qi9clmw.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_9_zpsnxwrlxw2.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_8_zps0x2jn8ua.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_7_zpsaqj3ud3f.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_6_zpsdljuhufc.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_13_zpsqlfkurkt.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_2_zpszc4gg6lr.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_4_zpsuhltvdae.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_5_zpswjqhwvfu.jpg

 photo ktrk2015_14_zpsqiyd7rqf.jpg

Time-lapse of new Eyewitness News set
Today, we're unveiling our brand new set on Eyewitness News at 5:30pm...and this is what it looked like as it was being built!
Posted by ABC 13 Houston on Sunday, September 13, 2015

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