Tuesday, November 08, 2016

KHOU 11's new set 2016

KHOU 11 launches new news set for Election Day 2016

I told you in September how KHOU 11's news department was operating from a temporary set in the Great Day Houston studio.

Since that time, I got to see the studio space the TEGNA station is working with and I was right...it is small.

But as you can see from the brand spanking new set they launched today (just in time for Election Day 2016) the designers did well with the space they had.

 photo khouset2016_wide_zpsdcdbj8ag.jpg

 photo khouset2016_screen_zpsj9fonqpp.jpg

 photo khouset2016_2shot_zpshhkbtca9.jpg

 photo khouset2016_3shot_zpsmpcc11ha.jpg

 photo khouset2016_reporter_zps2qkqe2xj.jpg

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  1. I had a feeling it was small but like what they did with the space. Trying to keep up with looks of the other two stations but am sure they had more space with the buildings they were in to work with perhaps to make it more spacey and more. But figured this was time they would have it go with Election Night.

  2. Looks quite similar to KUSA and KING sets. It'll be interesting to see whether KENS and KVUE get similar looking sets. Hoping that TEGNA is planning to work on set makeover for WUSA very soon.

  3. Looks pretty Plain Jane to me.

  4. I watch channel 11 and I think it's a little to generic for me. What happen to the nice big weather board?

  5. Have to agree it is pretty dull. Looks like it is missing some trim or something. There is no KHOU logos anywhere. Looks incomplete.

  6. Are they broadcasting from a funeral home now?

  7. Look at the trim on the first photo. It doesn't even line up.


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