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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Bruce Aleksander, longtime Houston TV lighting director-designer, gets honored

Bruce Aleksander has lit many Houston TV station studios; his latest project wins award

Former Houston television lighting director, Bruce Aleksander, has done it again. This time he lit the studio that won set of the year from

Aleksander was part of the Devlin Design Group team that took the prize for KTVA Anchorage, Alaska's set.

"It's a thrill to have one of my projects take top honors in Newscast Studios annual Set of the Year competition for best news set design," Aleksander told "Devlin Design Group headed up the project with their design team, and called on me to handle the lighting design for the main set. The color-agile LED panels and broad arrays of video surfaces of their design create great flexibility in conveying stories."

Aleksander has served as a lighting director and designer in Houston for KTRK abc13 and KHOU for decades. As for the current Houston sets he's lit, look no further than KTRK, Univision 45 KXLN and Telemundo KTMD.

"My job is to make the set and the anchors look great on camera," Aleksander explained. "Finally, we have the quality LED fixtures that are good enough for High-Def television. The tools may be Solid-State lighting fixtures and digital control consoles, but the goal is making the images on a two-dimension television set 'pop' like they're 3D. The lighting has to help the anchors look great. High-Definition cameras can see every wrinkle and hair out of place. It takes a combination of art, science and craft to create the best lighting for each individual anchor."

And I'm sure the anchors are very appreciative of that work.

Aleksander now lives in Seattle, but is travelling across the US doing projects from coast to coast. He says the change lighting design has gone through over the years has been dramatic.

"We've gone from simple flat painted wood panels with chroma-key boards and color-form stick-ons, to sets of great complexity and sophistication," Aleksander said. "The sets today are LED back-lit translucent panels that can be quickly changed to any color.

"There are now huge arrays of multiple video monitors that make up entire walls of flexible graphics displays, driven by sophisticated image servers. The set isn't just something that provides a background for the show. It's become an environment with which the anchors can interact as they convey the stories. They're sophisticated and exciting new tools to help tell the stories."

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