Tuesday, September 24, 2013

KPRC 2 launches new set for 2013

KPRC's new set looks big on air

KPRC 2 launched a brand new newscast set last night at 10pm. And it's big looking. I always liked the late channel 2 90s set in the newsroom, but this new one rivals it.

While it looks like a real set, the station noted on the newscast that a virtual one will also be used for special news coverage like elections.

And get this, chief meteorologist Frank Billingsley didn't use a green screen chroma key wall last night. He did the weather on a large screen made of smaller monitors (see below).  That monitor wall was also used by anchor Dominique Sachse during a news story.

 photo kprcset2013_zps23d2b935.jpg

 photo kprcset2013-1_zps8fc4b4b1.jpg

 photo kprcset2013-2_zps200013e3.jpg

 photo kprcset2013-3_zpscdf8a49d.jpg

 photo kprcset2013-4_zps8e0c3aa1.jpg

 photo kprcset2013-5_zps6966752e.jpg

 photo kprcset2013-6_zps86297d2c.jpg

 photo kprcset2013-7_zps12d8ff5b.jpg

 photo kprcset2013-8_zpsfdc6fe4e.jpg

 photo kprcset2013-9_zps23975daf.jpg

 photo kprcset2013-10_zpsff6ef74e.jpg

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  1. McGuff, how long before KTRK 13 gets a bigger set with the downtown skyline (similar to the 1986 look) to rival KPRC's new set ?

  2. I love the folks who do the news, sports and weather for channel 2, but their new set is just so BLUE that I found it nauseating and almost impossible to watch. Why do so many stations (I can think of 3 in Houston) use so much blue in their sets?

  3. I can't believe im saying this about channel 2... but that set looks pretty damn good.

  4. The shot from the side of the anchor desk, showing a full-body shot of Dominique seated with Ryan in the video wall looks really weird. No more tennis shoes, flipflops or shorts! Otherwise, the set is gorgeous.

  5. I love the new set! Best looking local news set i've ever seen.

  6. How long have Wayne Newton and Kathy Griffin been KPRC anchors?

  7. I love the new set! I think it's awesome!

  8. I'm sorry, but the set looks dated. It's like the same old news sets that have been around for years, and it's way too blue and dark. KPRC should have gone with one of the designers who are doing more progressive work. KPRC you new set is already old!

  9. The cool thing about Channel 2's new news studio is The Video Wall-Which reminds viewers of News 2 Houston-Back in The 90's

  10. KPRC did an excellent job with this new set. I'd probably have to give it an A+.

    James Yates Production Design, Clickspring, Jack Morton's PDG, Park Place Studios, FX Design Group, Delvin, and BDI are a few major names that design news sets for TV stations and TV networks. Not sure if KPRC's new set could be by 1 of these set designers. Whoever the designer is... they designed something impressive.

  11. It matters not what they do to their set. Until they hire qualified anchors who can deliver the news and read and convey a sense of empathy and sincerity; and until they hire online writers who are not so error prone; and until their assignment editor and program managers shun tabloid news; until then, they are just a joke. This set is the epitome of putting makeup on a pig.

  12. It's awfully blue. Reminds me of KHOU's set. Now, if Bill Balleza could only read a teleprompter! The guy made so many mistakes on tonight's 10pm newscast I had to switch channels.

  13. Pretty good set. Now they just need to move Balleza into an early retirement and put in Jennifer Reyna next to Dominique. Fire Billingsley and bring back Mary Lee as chief meteorologist! Now THAT would be a great evening newscast!!

  14. Now if they wouuld only update their logo. Hey, the 90's called...they want their logo back!


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