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Monday, September 26, 2016

KTRK abc13 photographer Jaime Zamora risked life during Houston shooting incident

KTRK abc13 photographer Jaime Zamora was first on the scene during the Houston shooting, and continued delivering TV viewers excellent coverage the rest of the morning

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There were lots of heroes in today's Houston active shooting incident. Obviously the Houston, West U and Bellaire police officers and other first responders who ducked for cover, risking their own lives to stop the shooter, are heroes.

Then there was the man who reportedly got out of his car, turned on his flashlight, and waved other commuters away from the shooting area. I'm sure we will hear about more heroes in the coming days.

But since this is a Houston media blog, let me focus on one of the journalists who put his life on the line to bring television viewers coverage.

KTRK abc13 photographer Jaime Zamora was the first journalist on the scene in the West U area.

"Nothing like starting the week in the middle of an active shooter scene," Zamora tweeted a few hours after the scene settled down. "Must have heard 40 shots. Hid behind [a] pillar."

Channel 13 anchor Natasha Barrett said on air that Zamora was at the nearby Randall's supermarket, behind those pillars, trying to photograph what was happening. It was dark and at the time no one knew what was happening, where the gunshots were coming from or how many shooters were involved.

Once daylight broke, Zamora continued reporting from the scene - even on camera which is rare for a TV photog.

Thanks to Zamora's interview with attorney Skip Cornelius, the Houston TV audience first learned about one of the shooting victims. Cornelius' son was shot in the arm while in his car.

TV viewers noticed Zamora's hard work and showered the longtime KTRK employee with praise.

On a lighter note, Zamora was just featured on ESPN last week:

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