Friday, January 04, 2008

Top Mike McGuff blog posts of 2007

Better late than are the top Mike McGuff Blog posts of 2007 by most reads:

1. Rosie O'Donnell vs Elisabeth Hasselbeck
2. Where is KTRH's Chris Baker?
3. Lisa Foronda leaving KHOU channel 11
4. KHOU Channel 11 names Lucy Noland evening co-anchor
5. Lance Zierlein exits Sports Radio 610 KILT in Houston?
6. Dwight Schrute will prank phone call you
7. Where is Pat Gray of Talk Radio 950 KPRC?
8. Ed Brandon announces retirement on the mikemcguff blog

The fun thing about blogging is you never know what will get a lot of site traffic. I can always assume one post will do better than another, but the Internet keeps the X factor alive. You never can predict what sites will link to you and will be able to really affect the numbers.

2007 marked the time where the blog started affecting me in real life - good and bad - but it has been worth it so far.

Here are some posts that I enjoyed doing that didn't make the top 8:
- Michael Berry talks to Mike McGuff about his new radio role, leaving politics
- Ken Hoffman of the Houston Chronicle talks to Mike McGuff
- Houston radio's Laurie Kendrick talks to Mike McGuff
- David Sadof talks to the Mike McGuff Blog
- Finding out about Iraq from someone who was there
- Scotland trip
- Japan trip

Let's hope people want to keep talking to me.

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