Friday, January 04, 2008

Add Naymz and Spock to the list of social networks

One of my New Year's resolutions was to join every social network that comes out.

Today I joined Naymz and spammed invited a lot of people to join it with me. I also joined Spock. These sites make it so easy.

Some are calling social networks the spyware of the 21st century because of all the personal info that is being harvested. Yeah, but spyware never had such cool names!

Back on point, Naymz is a reputation network where you can see what others are saying about you. You can even earn points to get a higher ranking. People like contests.

I'm surprised Paramount and Gene Roddenberry's estate aren't going after Spock (still in beta) for trademark violation. Spock says it is a people search engine. I'm not so sure about Spock after reading O'Reilly's Radar. O'Reilly and Jeff Jarvis were going after the Spock employees in the comments. More on some of Spock's tagging and spider problems in Wired.

But after some early reservations, I threw caution to the wind and remembered my New Year's resolution and joined. Here is the Mike McGuff Spock page. After already 'inviting' contacts to Naymz, I decided not to notify them about Spock in the same night. I'm sure they appreciate it.

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