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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

FOX 26 KRIV makes some anchor changes

Pregnancy and Natalie Bomke's Chicago departure has FOX 26 KRIV shifting schedules

FOX 26 KRIV is going to have lots of familiar faces doing different jobs at different time slots.

The great Houston TV baby wave of 2013 (and an anchor moving on) has created lots of changes for KRIV and Bayou City television stations in general. Outside of FOX,  abc13 KTRK has brought in three temps to fill the maternity leave spaces.

First space open is Natalie Bomke who is on her way to Chicago's WFLD.

Then you have KTRK abc13 weekend morning anchor Elissa Rivas expecting, so Bomke's former co-anchor Chris Stipes, will head off for a little paternity leave.

And don't forget Fox 26 KRIV weekend morning anchor Sally MacDonald who is waiting for baby number two to be born.

That's a lot going on over at FOX Houston.

That's why this week you might have seen Michelle Merhar, the FOX 26 KRIV Traffic Authority, anchoring the noon news. Here is video of her first, or at least one of her first times, filling in.

Another one of Merhar's firsts was captured on this blog - here she is doing traffic for the first time at KRIV.

FOX 26 weekend anchor Rita Garcia has also been filling in for the Bomke hole on the morning show. This has spawned the #wakeupwithrita Twitter hashtag. UPDATE: I also found out Ned Hibberd is filling in on weekend nights while Garcia is doing morning duty.

And FOX Television Stations tells me that Damali Keith will fill-in for MacDonald on weekend mornings when she takes leave.

I've noticed Bob Martin "The Accountant to the Stars" pulling overtime at Fox 26 to fill the void too. As I've blogged before, here is a potential anchor hire right under KRIV's nose.

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