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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fox 26 KRIV grabs KCBS' Rita Garcia for weekend anchor

Much in the way KHOU 11 grabbed Lisa Hernandez from Los Angeles ABC owned and operated station KABC 7 after anchor Lucy Noland took off for LA's KNBC 4, Fox 26 KRIV is pulling the same hiring practices.

You might remember how former Fox 26 morning anchor Sibila Vargas bolted for KCBS 2's open morning anchor slot. Well now KRIV Vice President and News Director Tom Doerr is taking an anchor in return.

Last Friday it was announced that KCBS freelance reporter Rita Garcia is joining the Fox 26 family as a weekend anchor and reporter (Why am I only posting this today? Two reasons: I was out of town + food poisoning = One slow blogger).

“Rita is an outstanding reporter and anchor with a creative and compelling reporting style," Doerr said in an internal memo. "We are delighted to welcome her to the FOX 26 news team.”

A Texas native, Garcia comes to KRIV from KCBS/KCAL in Los Angeles, where she served as a freelance reporter. Prior to that, she served as a reporter for KRGV-TV in Weslaco, TX. Garcia holds two Bachelors of Arts degrees from Texas State University-San Marcos, one in Mass Communications and the other in Spanish. She began her career as a news intern for KTBC FOX 7 in Austin.

“It’s truly rewarding to be back in a place I once called home," Garcia added. "I look forward to reporting powerful stories that affect our viewers in a city that has always had a special place in my heart."

Since Fox 26 likes using my blog as a source for promotional quotes, here is one for Garcia: "Fox 26 is hiring talent from the top TV stations in the country."

You'll get your first chance to see Garcia tonight on Fox 26 News at 9.

Rita Garcia's first story for Fox 26 KRIV Houston:

- PIC: Former Fox 26 KRIV anchor Sibilia Vargas on KCBS 2 news
- Sibilia Vargas named KCBS morning news anchor
- It's KCBS 2 for Fox 26 KRIV's Sibila Vargas


  1. What happened to Ford and Damali?

  2. Taking a freelance reporter is not the same as taking a full time staffer. As for Ford and Damali- they are still at the station but the current ND does not value anyone that was there before him. Ford does not anchor any more. This girl will join the ranks of Don Teague, and Natalie Bombe as anchors that really don't know much about what is happening locally. You will notice they can barely pronounce the names of cities and streets in the Houston area. Also- the "chit chat" talk is usually so bland that it could be used in ANYWHERE USA because they aren't from here, never worked here before, and they can't wait to leave just as soon as the contract is up! Quote this in your promotion commercial!

  3. She's alright, Natalie however is fine though....

  4. Just a reminder... When Fox fired Mike Barajas, they fired the last Hispanic reporter/anchor. This is a huge Hispanic market. Essentially, she is there to replace Barajas... or at least represent the Hispanic minority.

  5. If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times. KRIV is on the air to make money for News Corp stock holders. The local managers have no control of the station at all. Major moves are made in NY.

  6. so a cop or an airport security worker cannot profile...but tv news can hire a hispanic to please hispanics, and so on, and we don't see the discrimination and hipocracy in that?

  7. The Ghost of Herb Brooks12/16/2011 07:25:00 AM

    I had a chance to watch amateur hour on KPRC this morning -- also known as 'any time Jennifer Reyna is in an anchor chair'. She reads the news worse and worse each day, and today she read the news like it was next Tuesday.

  8. Bompke's face looks exactly like Popeye in that video...geez!

  9. Aaaaaaaarg! Why is Owen Sucksplenty doing the evening news. He's a self absorbed ape!

  10. After her September 1996 graduation, She began her career as a news intern for KTBC FOX 7 in Austin.

  11. I still liked Jan Jeffcoat and Sibila Vargas. Disappointed when they both left Fox 26. Natalie Bombke isn't too bad though.


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