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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Port of Houston CEO cleared in DA investigation

There were lots of Houston media investigations in the last year concerning the Port of Houston Authority and alleged wasteful spending. Late breaking Monday night was this letter that came to my inbox and I'm sure to lots of other media types, too.

Dear Members of the Media:

I represent Alec Dreyer, the CEO of the Port of Houston Authority. The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has officially exonerated Mr. Dreyer concerning the false allegations made against him earlier this year. Specifically, the DA found that Mr. Dreyer followed Port policies, did nothing unusual, and complied with the law. Based on my experience and that of many other knowledgeable lawyers in Houston, this kind of letter is virtually unprecedented in Harris County. I am delighted that, because of the District Attorney’s thorough and fair investigation, the public now knows that Mr. Dreyer has been vindicated and the false allegations against Mr. Dreyer have been put to rest.

Mr. Dreyer’s statement to the media is below. Please call me at 713-542-4090 with any questions.

Steven J. Mitby, attorney for Alec Dreyer
Partner at Ahmad, Zavitsanos, Anaipakos, Alavi & Mensing, P.C.

Statement from Alec Dreyer, CEO of the Port of Houston

I am pleased to announce that I have received a letter of exoneration from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office. The DA’s office conducted a thorough and fair investigation of the false allegations made against me earlier this year. The DA’s office found that I complied with the law, followed Port policies, and did nothing out of the ordinary. (The letter is attached to this email.)

I personally requested this investigation to clear my name after questions were raised about my use of the Port’s boat for a promotional tour and our record-keeping practices related to the boat’s use.

I feel it is vitally important for the public to know the truth. I came to the Port of Houston to apply my business experience in public service. We’ve achieved a great deal in my time here, most notably by helping this Port prepare for significant growth coming as a result of the expansion of the Panama Canal and the ongoing demographic shift to the Texas triangle.

I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished. This experience, however, has shown me that the political arena is not where I want to be. I have decided not to seek reappointment, but rather to go back to the business world. I’m happy to serve until a replacement is found.

I’ve enjoyed my work at the Port and I think it’s important that this organization continues to apply good business practices to encourage prosperity, to capitalize on this growth, and to create jobs for this region.
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