Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tom Doerr named Fox 26 KRIV news director

UPDATE 2/19/2013
Tom Doerr, Fox 26 KRIV news director to WFLD Chicago

I told you that a news director candidate was interviewing at Fox 26 KRIV in Houston back in May. Now the station has hired Tom Doerr to lead the newsroom:

Tom Doerr today was named vice president and news director of Fox O&O KRIV Houston (DMA 10). Starting July 9, Doerr will be responsible for overseeing all editorial, business and administrative functions for KRIV News, reporting directly to D'Artagnan Bebel, the station's vice president and general manager. READ THE REST

Doerr previously worked as a news director at KTRK abc13 in Houston and KTVT/KTXA in Dallas.

- Former Fox 26 news director lands at KPRC Channel 2 Houston
- Fox 26 KRIV news director out


  1. Boy o Boy! They are really in trouble now.

  2. I'm now knocking on the Doerr to work there for him.

  3. I hope FOX has a covered parking space for his latest luxury vehicle VERY close to the entrance. At KTRK, DingleDoerr would park his Jag in the fire zone by the rear entrance. What a class act!

    OH - and someone please let Mother Nature know not to schedule any hurricanes during his vacation time - because he WON'T return from his 'special time', no matter how big the story is.

    Doerr is real piece of work. And by 'work'... I mean _ _ _ _ .

  4. KTVT loves you Tommy Boy! Ohh ooo aahh ah!

  5. Having the unfortunate experience of working with Doerr before, and seeing newscasts plummet into an out-of-date style, I worry for RIV's professionals!

  6. ...and just wait until you see who he hires and where he spends station money! A JOKE!

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  8. Worked for Tom in Dallas. He is GREAT!


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