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Monday, July 26, 2010

Fox 26 KRIV steals Michelle Merhar from 740 KTRH

We saw Erin Anthony deliver a tearful goodbye on her last day at the Fox 26 KRIV traffic department a few weeks ago. Today the station debuted Michelle Merhar in that role. You might know that name from when she was at 740 KTRH as a web reporter...oh...let's see...just last week. Merhar has left KTRH and moved over to Fox 26 mornings officially.

Watch Merhar's official television debut above. Just think, this video could be history in the making. If Merhar is still on the traffic post 10 years from now, or maybe even a TV anchor, we can all return to this post and say, "I was there for her first day!" It's almost akin to when The Wall fell. Cue David Hasselhoff.

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