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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Karla Barguiarena joins KTRK abc13 as reporter

Back from the pr/marketing world, former KHOU reporter Karla Barguiarena joins abc13 KTRK

UPDATE JUNE 19, 2015
Karla Barguiarena exits abc13 KTRK

Karla Barguiarena
Karla Barguiarena
Former KHOU 11 reporter Karla Barguiarena has returned to Houston TV at KTRK abc13 - presumably as a temporary reporter. A reader of mine spotted her on Tuesday's 13 Eyewitness News at 6pm show.

That means Barguiarena joins other temp reporters Crystal Kozba and marketing expert/former cooking school CEO/Austin TV dude Foti Kallergis on the Disney/ABC TV station. The new hires are filling the upcoming void of the great Houston TV baby boom of 2013 (see how it is affecting other Houston TV station staffs).

Barguiarena has also been working as a pr/marketing person in the last few years. According to LinkedIn, she most recently worked as a media relations expert at Angie's List and Field & Associates before that.

Many journalists consider public relations to be the so-called "dark side," but Barguiarena and Kallergis prove that crossing over the line will not impact future TV jobs - in this case you can even land a gig at the top station in TV market 10!

Last time we talked to Barguiarena, she told us that she was leaving KHOU for family reasons.

"My family is going through some tough health issues," Barguiarena told in 2008. "I figured the job would always be there...the family won't. So, I made the very difficult decision to resign from KHOU and leave the only job I ever loved."

Keith Connors
Keith Connors
After that I learned that Barguiarena married her former KHOU 11 news director Keith Connors the following December of that year. Barguiarena returned to KHOU as a mommy blogger a few years later.

The Barguiarena-Connors family left KHOU and Houston for WTHR 13 Indianapolis, IN in 2011. Connors took off from WTHR last November for family and other reasons according to the Indianapolis Business Journal.

So guess that must mean the family is back in Houston as Barguiarena returns from the pr/marketing world to work against her former television station. Before KHOU, Barguiarena worked for five years at Telemundo Houston.

UPDATE JUNE 19, 2015
Karla Barguiarena exits abc13 KTRK

PR pro offers advice for journalists entering public relations

(Thanks Taylor)


  1. Hey Mike I thought you said last week that the new dude at KTRK was permanent according to his FB page. Now he's temp/ WHich one is it?

    FOX26 has a night and day EP positions open. Any chance Keith Connors will take one of those positions even though he was an ND before?

    Your thoughts, oh wise one.

  2. The new dude at KTRK told me later it is a temp job - I updated it after that.

    I guess if Connors needs a job...he'll take one of those.

  3. McGuff, so now that Karla is back in Houston, does this mean she's staying in the Bayou City for good ?

    1. Hopefully for her sake. She told me years ago she has family here.


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