Thursday, May 13, 2010

Former KHOU 11 reporter Karla Barguiarena back at KHOU?

When KHOU 11 reporter Karla Barguiarena left the TV world a few years ago, I posted about it. Barguiarena then wrote in and told me more.

The story is over right?

Well then I take a look at and find that she now has a blog about motherhood on the site. She is under her married name Karla Barguiarena Connors. Solids anyone?

Should I start a stay at home daddy blog too? I know more about it than I did a year ago, that is for sure!  Karla blogs she is getting a part time job.  Don't know where though.

Congrats on the new addition.

- Karla Barguiarena of KHOU Channel 11 found!
- Karla Barguiarena of KHOU, Channel 11?


  1. So they were dating while he was her boss? Or am I confused?

  2. stick to it me baby!5/14/2010 10:39:00 PM

    Doing the subordinates...classy!


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