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Thursday, May 13, 2010

British insults and words that sound like they should be

The Office - The Complete Collection BBC Edition (First And Second Series Plus Special)I love all things UK, but there are times when the local's language goes over my head. Laurie Kendrick thankfully has done the research and found a list of British insults (and non-insults that sound like they should be mean).

Here are a few of the insults:

big jessie (someone who’s a bit of a softie, we’d call them “Wuss”)
daft (eccentric, crazy)
div (idiot)
dosser (someone who is lazy)
gormless (lacking in intelligence, with vacant expression: “Don’t just stand there looking gormless”)
minger (pronounced like “singer”) (an unattractive person)
munter (c.f. “minger”)
muppet (silly person)
nutter (eccentric person)
pillock (silly person)
pleb (person of lower class, but typically used to mean someone without taste or refinement)
plonker (silly person)


Now stop being daft and go watch those brilliant original BBC The Office episodes with this cheat sheet so David Brent seems even more like a toss-pot.

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