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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Stevens and Pruett remembered by a Rock 101 KLOL insider

The day after the shock of Hudson and Harrigan being taken off the air at 100.3 KILT, we remember the original guys to play the famous morning team duo - Mark Stevens and Jim Pruett.

Former Rock 101 KLOL news anchor Laurie Kendrick writes an amazing piece on her blog about working on the Stevens and Pruett show. It is one of the best pieces I have seen about the former rock station and its famous morning team.

I'm not even block quoting from it, JUST GO READ IT FOR YOURSELF.

When you finish reading Kendrick's post, then listen to Stevens and Pruett as Hudson and Harrigan on 610 KILT from 1977.

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  1. What a shame how everthing so good comes to an end. I see this happening to America the beautiful. Both of these guys were like apple pie is to America. I just want to wish them the best of health and happiness.

  2. When radio was good.


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