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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hudson & Harrigan gone from 100.3 KILT is reporting that “Hudson and Harrigan” at 100.3 KILT are off the air. The latest players to fill the roles are Fred Olson (Mac Hudson) and Randy Hames (Irv Harrigan).

A commenter said that these two have been in the roles for 29 years!  I knew it had been a while, but did not realize it was that long. It is well known that Rock 101 morning duo of Mark Stevens and Jim Pruett were  the first “Hudson and Harrigan” team.

The show is no longer on the KILT Web site.

David Barron post that the Hudson and Harrigan names will not be used on the new morning show. Rowdy Yates and Erin Austin will take over the show until permanent hosts can be found. READ MORE


  1. The "latest" players have been doing the show for the last 29 of the 42 years of the show's existence. Randy Hames and Fred Olson ARE Hudson & Harrigan...well, they were anyway. Sad news indeed.

  2. I will miss them.


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