Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New Fox 26 KRIV anchor/reporter is Natalie Bomke from Fox 40 KTXL

Fox 26 KRIV is getting a new anchor/reporter. Her name is Natalie Bomke and she is leaving KTXL FOX40 in Sacramento:

After more than two years anchoring KTXL's "FOX40 Live," anchor Natalie Bomke will sign off for the final time this Friday. Bomke will leave FOX40 Live and "FOX40 News @ 11am" for a reporter/anchor position at Houston FOX affiliate KRIV March 26th.

News of Bomke's departure was bittersweet for the entire FOX40 News staff.

"Houston is getting a great anchor, and an even better person," FOX40 morning executive producer Leigh Anne Keys said. " I've watched Natalie grow into a great anchor and TV personality. She's always prepared for whatever we throw at her every day, whether it's hard news or fun segments." READ THE REST

First let me wear my guy hat for a second and publicly thank Fox 26 news director Tom Doerr for this hire based on the photo. Next I am surprised KTXL actually wrote a goodbye piece on its Web site for Natalie Bomke departure. Most of the time an on air talent leaves TV news and it's a mystery like the whereabouts of a certain D.B. Cooper.

Also, where will she anchor at Fox 26?  Did anyone leave?  Is someone about to leave?

Natalie Bomke bio

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