Thursday, April 15, 2010

VIDEO: Fox 26 KRIV anchor Natalie Bomke on air

Fox 26 KRIV morning anchor Natalie Bomke is one popular search on this blog. In fact I could tell the day she debuted on the 4am news based on user keyword searches.

So in case you don't get up early enough to see how Ms. Bomke is on air - I have a video clip above of her on air work from this week.

I think Natalie will make a splash in Houston. In fact I actually got an email from a Sacramento, CA reader (she just left Fox 40 KTXL in that city) with this subject line:

"Thanks Houston for stealing Natalie Bomke from us!"

By the way, I cut this clip using Redlasso.

- New Fox 26 KRIV anchor/reporter is Natalie Bomke from Fox 40 KTXL
- The Fox 26 KRIV 4am anchor shuffle


  1. Tell the Sacramento person who emailed you that he can have her back. I'm sure she's a nice person, but I am totally unimpressed with her on air. If I wanted to watch a bubble headed bleached blonde I'd watch channel 2's morning news. Give me a steady dose of Sibila and Melissa and I'll be happy watching Fox every day.

  2. Between letting the anchors make inane comments on news stories and Kristi Powers continually saying 'fer sher' and using the word 'yeah' and the end of sentences- I'm over 26's news. Fer sher!

  3. Come on, Mike. Really?

  4. Hey, I just post what people want to know about it. Tell everyone to stop searching for Natalie Bomke and going to posts about her.

  5. So when is she on the air? Only during the 4 a.m. hour?

  6. I think she might do the 4 and 5am hours.

  7. You guys are a bunch of idiots. God forbid you wake up in the morning and have to watch something a little more upbeat than the straight-lace, boring news teams from all of the other channels. I think she's been great. "Bubble headed bleached blonde?" Really? Pull your head out of your ass.


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