Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Fox 26 KRIV 4am anchor shuffle

Starting at 4:30am is not early enough for Fox 26 KRIV. The big buzz on the streets of Houston is that Fox 26 is starting its morning newscast at 4am from now on. The new time starts this coming Monday I believe.

That is pretty amazing since the station ends its morning news at 10am! Yeah so now KRIV starts before any other TV station in Houston and runs local news during the other station's newscasts, network morning shows and syndicated programming. Wow.

But wait there's more! Supposedly main anchor Melissa Wilson is moving to the morning show in a few weeks too. Good choice. I think Wilson will make a very good morning anchor. Lots of viewers will probably like waking up with her (if she has kids she probably likes the morning shift after working nights all of these years too). This move also makes sense because Sibila Vargas has been the only female presence during that long stretch of news.

That means Melinda Spaulding is anchoring the 5pm hour and the 9pm hour in Wilson's place with Mike Barajas. Another good move. If anyone can fill Wilson's shoes it would have to be Spaulding. She's got the looks and the natural anchoring ability down. When I first saw her show up at Fox 26, I felt there were big things in her future.

New Fox 26 KRIV anchor/reporter is Natalie Bomke from Fox 40 KTXL COMMENT: Click to leave your thoughts on this post here